Picture Arena FAQ

How can I change the text in the effect recipe "Add copyright notice"?

The text, that is being used by this effect recipe, is automatically created during program startup basing on your own entry in your address book. To use another text, you have to create your own recipe using the desired text. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1) Load a picture into Picture Arena, whose effect list (on the right side of the window) is empty.

2) Click on the magic stick symbol and choose the effect recipe "Add copyright notice". The copyright notice is now applied to the previously loaded image.

3) You can now see the copyright text in an edit field in the lower part of the effect tab. Change it according to your needs.

4) Again click on the magic stick symbol in the effect tab, but choose "Create new effect recipe from effect list .." this time.

5) You can now enter a short name for your new effect recipe (e.g. "My own copyright notice"), by which you can later choose it in the application. Click on "Ok" to finish.

6) Your effect recipe is now available to you everywhere in Picture Arena by the name you have given it.

Last updated: Oct 5, 2005 – Filed under: General