IOSPIRIT is proud to announce the immediate availability of the AJAX Remote App on the App Store.

The AJAX Remote App makes it easy to search and log in to available AJAX Remotes on the same Wi-Fi network. AJAX Remote is a web app served by the Remote Buddy and Remote Buddy Express Mac® applications (need to purchased separately).

Key Features

  • simplified AJAX Remote setup
  • browse and log in to AJAX Remotes
  • automatic launch of modules after log-in
  • automatic login to last used AJAX Remote at startup
  • saves your AJAX Remote password as part of your keychain


  • A Mac® running Remote Buddy or Remote Buddy Express version 1.19 or later, with AJAX Remote enabled
  • Mac® and iPhone™/iPod® Touch need to be connected to the same, reliable Wi-Fi network allowing direct connections between its clients
  • iOS 4.2 or later

Updates to Remote Buddy and Remote Buddy Express

Also available today are updates to Remote Buddy 1.19 and Remote Buddy Express 1.19, adding support for the new app.


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