The sun is shining here in Germany. It's not too hot, not too cold - really just right. Time to go outside and enjoy the weather? Nah! I've been too busy working on updates for you :-). Namely Remote Buddy 1.21, Candelair 1.10 and Remote Control Diagnostics 1.2.1.

Now ready for Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper

Remote Buddy, Candelair and Remote Control Diagnostics now are all codesigned with IOSPIRIT's Developer ID. This makes them all ready for the Gatekeeper security feature of OS X® Mountain Lion, which is expected to be released this summer.

Remote Buddy 1.21: control Lightroom 4, MPlayerX and Roxio Video Player with your remote

Remote Buddy can now also control Lightroom 4, MPlayerX and Roxio Video Player. Also, support was added for additional eHome/MCE receivers. Find the complete release notes here.

Remote Buddy Express 1.21: still pending approval

Version 1.21 updates for both Remote Buddy versions are essentially finished since April 20th. The original plan was to release both versions the same day. Unfortunately, the review and approval process for Remote Buddy Express 1.21 seems to take longer than usual. While I expect Apple to approve the update in the next couple of days, I really didn't want to hold back the regular Remote Buddy update any longer.

[Update May 18th, 2012] Remote Buddy Express 1.21 has now been approved by Apple and is now available via the Mac App Store.

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