Release Notes

Version 2

Changes in version 2.6 (19.03.2024) Blog post →

  • Improved infrared (IR) support
    • NEW: new AppleScript commands for recording and transmitting IR commands
    • NEW: Command Line Tool irtool to record and send IR commands from the command line
    • NEW: Support for decoding and encoding NEC, RC5 and RC6 IR codes
    • NEW: IR Recorder improvements
      • New popup menu allows picking from recognized IR codes, giving a choice between recognized codes and raw IR timings
      • Undo support
      • improved look and functionality
  • Custom Actions improvements
    • NEW: new Shell script actor to run shell or other scripts (f.ex. Python 3)
    • NEW: custom actions can now also be created in the global All Apps category
    • NEW: actions can now be duplicated in the Custom Actions Editor
    • Enhancement: The Custom Actions editor now selects the custom action assigned to the button (if any) it was opened for.
    • Fix: The "Use" button in the Custom Actions editor is again working properly, assigning the selected action to the button for which the editor was invoked
  • UI improvements
    • NEW: You can now (re)name most remotes
    • Enhancement: The Script Remote, HotKey Remote and Mobile Access can now be deactivated in the Devices prefs by "deleting" them
    • Enhancement: add standard keyboard shortcuts for Preferences, Hide Others, Close Window, Set up new Device and the Behaviour Construction Kit
  • NEW: Support for the IINA video player
  • Enhancement: The Standard Behaviour for unknown apps now defaults to Trackpad mode for the Siri Remote. If you prefer the Remote mode, you can change the setting back in Prefs > Mapping > Standard Behaviour.
  • Fix: Fixed broken play/pause and menu support for DVD Player in macOS 13+

Changes in version 2.5.1 (08.11.2023)

Changes in version 2.5 (25.09.2023) Blog post →

  • NEW: Support for macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • NEW: Support for additional special keys in Mobile Access (F1-F12, page up, page down, home, end)
  • Enhancement: Siri Remote mode change notifications now only appear within 5 minutes of the last Siri Remote usage - even if the Siri Remote is still connected
  • Fix: Fixed an error in Flirc firmware version check

Changes in version 2.4.1 (26.03.2023)

  • Fix: fixed an issue where Apple Remote related options were not showing up for IR receivers.
  • Fix: fixed an issue where the Virtual Keyboard could not be invoked again after it was first invoked.

Changes in version 2.4 (26.02.2023) Blog post →

  • NEW: Support for the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro.
  • NEW: Playback speed control actions (+/-/1.0) for Kodi. Requires Player > Videos > "Sync video with screen" to be turned on in Kodi Settings (only visible in Standard, Advanced and Expert levels). This feature is not available for all Kodi versions and configurations and therefore experimental for now.
  • NEW: You can now turn off trackpad/remote mode change notifications (under Remote Buddy Preferences > Devices > Siri Remote > Show message on mode change).
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy now makes use of the new SMAppService API of macOS Ventura to register as launch item.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash issue.
  • Change: Due to changes in Xcode 14.2, Remote Buddy 2.4 now requires at least macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra").

Changes in version 2.3 (24.10.2022) Blog post →

  • NEW: Support for macOS 13 Ventura.
  • NEW: Support for the 3rd generation Siri Remote with USB-C charging port (requires macOS 13 Ventura at the time of writing).
  • NEW: Support for the Microsoft Edge browser, including video control actions.
  • NEW: Support for the Jellyfin Media Player app.
  • NEW: IR recording buttons now provide a context menu from which you can copy the recorded IR code's timings as JSON
  • Enhancement: Improved and more detailed instructions for pairing Bluetooth remote controls.
  • Enhancement: New Table of Contents action for Apple Books on macOS 11+.
  • Fix: DVD Player Behaviour correctly recognizes DVD menu state in macOS 12.6+.
  • Fix: In Prefs > General, "Display" was shown instead of the actual names of connected displays.
  • Fix: Selection of AirPlay speakers didn't work on macOS 12.6. Where the Sound menu item is missing in macOS 12+, Remote Buddy now lets you know and offer help adding it.
  • Fix: Ability to select the effect in PhotoBooth with directional buttons restored in macOS 12.6+.
  • Fix: Workaround for bug in Apple's TV app's AppleScript support that prevented skip +/- 10 seconds from working in macOS 12.6+.

Changes in version 2.2.1 (18.08.2022):

  • NEW: Add support for Amazon Alexa Voice Remote (3rd generation) and Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Lite (2nd generation)

Changes in version 2.2 (08.07.2022): Blog post →

  • NEW: Add support for the Roku IR Remote (RC-16F)
  • NEW: Add support for the Amazon Prime Video Mac app
  • Enhancement: it is now possible to turn off Mousespot for the Siri Remote trackpad mode
  • Enhancement: the Privacy & Security settings can now move aside if a system permission dialog opens behind it.
  • Fix: after some time of Siri Remote usage - pressing the volume and play buttons could trigger the standard macOS actions and Remote Buddy actions simultaneously

Changes in version 2.1.4 (16.02.2022):

  • Fix: on some Macs, the model of Siri Remotes was not always detected correctly. If you are affected, please install this update, then go to Preferences > Hardware, select your Siri Remote, click on - to remove it temporarily. Then press a button on your Siri Remote to add it back.
  • Fix: the setup wizard did not work for some devices.

Changes in version 2.1.3 (08.02.2022):

  • Enhancement: Safari/Chrome web video actions updated to work better with updated Netflix and Disney+ websites
  • Fix: installing Remote Buddy updates previously failed on some systems. If you are affected, please download Remote Buddy manually from and replace your old copy.

Changes in version 2.1.1 (29.09.2021):

  • NEW: new, native updater user interface
  • Enhancement: improved Kodi default mapping; putting including volume +/-, mute and context menu actions in the Smart Bar
  • Fix: Safari/Chrome web video action Play/Pause now also works correctly on Netflix when used the first time
  • Fix: check for updates works again on macOS 12 Monterey

Changes in version 2.1 (26.09.2021): Blog post →

  • Enhancement: Safari/Chrome web video actions updated to better work with the updated Netflix website
  • Fix: compatibility fixes for macOS 12 Monterey

Changes in version 2.0.22 (26.08.2021):

  • Enhancement: two new Virtual Media Remote actions for finer control of system volume.
  • Fix: fixed an error when migrating a setup with a RealPlayer volume slider in the menu.

Changes in version 2.0.21 (23.06.2021):

  • Fix: Flirc USB driver could become stuck when sending IR commands in immediate succession

Changes in version 2.0.20 (11.06.2021):

  • Enhancement: device setup now shows all devices and indicates compatibility inline
  • Fix: correctly handle aliases and symbolic links in the menu's Files browser
  • Fix: disallow quote and link substitutions in the AppleScript actor text view, which could lead to syntax issues
  • Fix: make Virtual Remote available on macOS 10.15

Changes in version 2.0 (27.05.2021): Blog post →

  • Learn about the many new and exciting things in this major release in this detailed overview.
Version 1

Changes in version 1.33.1 (21.09.2019):

  • NEW: Added support for Macgo Blu-Ray Player (V3) and Macgo Blu-Ray Player Pro (V3).
  • NEW: Accepts Remote Buddy 2.0 license codes.

Changes in version 1.33 (20.09.2019):

  • NEW: Remote Buddy is now notarized.
  • Fix: fixes a rare crash that could occur when navigating the menu.
  • Fix: fixes an issue where some drivers stopped working when under heavy load.

Changes in version 1.32.2 (24.11.2018):

  • Minor bugfixes.

Changes in version 1.32 (27.09.2018):

  • NEW: Support for macOS Mojave.
  • NEW: Support for Apple's rewritten DVD Player in macOS Mojave.
  • Fix: Added a workaround for the Apple IR Receiver driver of macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave that led to up and down buttons triggering two button presses.

Changes in version 1.31.1 (27.09.2017):

  • Enhancement: the HID descriptor of Remote Buddy's driver (Candelair) now reflects changes in High Sierra's.
  • Fix: in the final High Sierra release, there was no reaction to up and down button presses on Apple Remotes if Candelair wasn't installed. Fixed.

Changes in version 1.31 (20.09.2017):

  • Enhancement: Support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Changes in version 1.30.6 (26.05.2017):

  • Fix: Includes Candelair 1.32.1, which addresses an issue in the CandelairUIAgent helper tool that could prevent macOS from going to idle sleep on macOS 10.11 and later. If you're affected by this issue, please use Remote Buddy's Setup Wizard and select Install to re-install the driver with the updated CandelairUIAgent helper tool.

Changes in version 1.30.5 (09.05.2017):

  • Fix: The Keystroke Actor in custom actions and the Behaviour Construction Kit now correctly emulate the Fn modifier. Note: If you're running macOS 10.12.4 or later, you may need to add the Fn modifier to your own keypress actions if the intention is to trigger global macOS actions (like f.ex. Mission Control).
  • Fix: Candelair 1.32 restores functionality that became unavailable after updating to macOS Sierra 10.12.4.
  • Fix: Improved support for custom port settings in Kodi 17.

Changes in version 1.30.4 (08.03.2017):

  • Fix: Candelair 1.31 addresses an issue where the Apple IR Receiver could become unresponsive after a reboot on some systems running macOS 10.11.

Changes in version 1.30.3 (06.01.2017):

  • New: Support for Lightroom 6/CC.
  • Fix: Works around a macOS bug that could crash Remote Buddy on the new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar after waking from sleep.
  • Fix: Addresses an issue where one button press could behave like two button presses in Plex Media Player.
  • Fix: Addresses an issue on some machines running macOS 10.11 where the built-in Apple IR Receiver is unresponsive after a reboot. If you are affected, please use the Setup Wizard to uninstall the driver, reboot, then use the Setup Wizard to re-install the driver.

Changes in version 1.30.2 (21.09.2016):

  • Fix: Addressing an issue with multiple button release events when using an Apple Remote with more than one IR receiver at a time.

Changes in version 1.30.1 (17.09.2016):

  • Fix: Addressing an issue where Remote Buddy would ask you to restart it if you open its preferences and you have previously changed the setting where Remote Buddy should appear.

Changes in version 1.30 (16.09.2016):

  • Enhancement: Support for macOS Sierra.
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy's driver (Candelair) is now natively using Apple's new USB stack (introduced with El Capitan) on macOS 10.11 and later.

Changes in version 1.28.4 (01.08.2016):

  • Enhancement: Support for Kodi 17.
  • Fix: Screen Sharing to Remote Buddy Mobile or Remote Buddy Display could previously lead to Remote Buddy crashing on a small number of systems. Fixed with this release.

Changes in version 1.28.3 (23.05.2016):

  • Enhancement: Takes advantage of new scripting capabilities/bug fixes in iTunes 12.4 with regards to shuffle and repeat.

Changes in version 1.28.2 (03.05.2016):

  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy now targets VLC Player by its bundle identifier rather than its name. This works around an issue where Remote Buddy could no longer send commands to VideoLAN's VLC Player when the user had installed apps that bundle a copy of VLC inside their own app bundle.
  • Fix: Virtual Mouse: right click button events were not synthesized correctly, so they were not recognized correctly in some apps.

Changes in version 1.28.1 (06.04.2016):

  • Enhancement: More preparations for upcoming companion apps.
  • Fix: Under certain circumstances, the screen sharing engine continued computations even if no client was using Mobile Access. Fixed.

Changes in version 1.28 (28.02.2016):

  • NEW: Support for Plex Media Player and OpenPHT.
  • Enhancement: Updated Candelair's Apple IR Receiver / Apple Remote emulation to fully support 10.9-10.11, so that legacy apps that weren't updated to use the modern HIDRemote class and still make assumptions about driver names and driver internals can be controlled through the emulation again.
  • Enhancement: Preparations for upcoming companion apps.
  • Change: The free trial time is now 14 days.
  • Fix: iTunes Library browser no longer displays apps when used with the latest iTunes release.

Changes in version 1.27.3 (20.11.2015):

  • Fix: Remote Buddy no longer crashes on Mountain Lion and Mavericks when using screen sharing from Remote Buddy Mobile or Remote Buddy Display.

Changes in version 1.27 / 1.27.1 (13.11.2015):

  • NEW: Support for Remote Buddy Mobile - the iOS and watchOS companion app that turns your iOS device into a remote, trackpad and keyboard for your Mac and also provides high-speed screen sharing access.
  • NEW: Support for Remote Buddy Display - the tvOS companion app that brings your Mac apps onto the big screen via high-speed screen sharing while turning your Siri Remote into a trackpad, keyboard and remote to control them.
  • NEW: Support for OS X Photos
  • NEW: Support for El Capitan
  • NEW: New Virtual Input layer
  • NEW: New logo
  • Change: End of support for AJAX Remote.
  • Fix: Candelair now works around a bug in the OS X El Capitan Kernel that could lead to a panic when booting in safe mode.

Changes in version 1.26.2 (05.02.2015):

  • NEW: Support for Kodi (new name of the XBMC project).
  • Enhancement: Improved recognition of the different MythTVFrontend processes.
  • Fix: On some systems, the choice between "single remote" and "multiple remotes" for the built-in Apple® IR Receiver was not preserved and needed to be re-set after a re-launch.

Changes in version 1.26.1 (27.10.2014):

  • Fix: Addressed an issue with time computations at daylight saving time, which could lead to high CPU load for one hour.

Changes in version 1.26 (20.10.2014):

  • NEW: Remote Buddy now supports OS X Yosemite.
  • Enhancement: optimizations for iTunes 12
  • Enhancement: Plex Behaviour now uses an updated UDP packet format for Plex HT. The "Navigation" actions produce the same results as Plex HT's built-in Apple Remote support. Thanks to Adrian Ross for bringing this to our attention.
  • Fix: the previous/next page actions of the Safari Behaviour now also work with Safari 6 and up.
  • Fix: effect selection overlay in Photo Booth now positioned correctly on screens other than the main screen.

Changes in version 1.25.2 (05.08.2014):

  • Enhancement: signed with a v2 code signature in preparation for OS X 10.9.5 and OS X 10.10 (more info)

Changes in version 1.25.1 (27.07.2014):

  • Enhancement: the bundled driver now signed with a Developer ID certificate for kernel extensions. This makes it compatible with OS X Yosemite. It also improves compatibility with OS X Mavericks.

Changes in version 1.25 (20.06.2014):

    Tip: For an in-depth look at the changes, please see this blog post
  • NEW: Support for Harmony Smart Control.

    More than 100 Mac apps supported by Remote Buddy (including Plex, EyeTV, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, DVD Player, Mac Blu-Ray Player, iPhoto, Lightroom, XBMC, Movist and VLC) can now be controlled with the same Harmony Smart Remote that can already control other devices like TV sets, beamers, game consoles, the Apple TV and even Philips Hue lights.

  • NEW: Support for Sort and Album Artists in iTunes Behaviour.
  • Enhancement: Launches up to three times faster.
  • Enhancement: The AJAX Remote Camera module now uses AV Foundation instead of QuickTime where available.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit now creates a unique ID for every newly created Behaviour out of the box.
  • Fix: Addressed an issue with controlling PowerPoint 2011 under OS X 10.9.
  • Fix: Addressed an issue with controlling the latest versions of Aurora.
  • Fix: Addressed timing issues when using some EyeTV receivers as IR receivers for Remote Buddy.
  • Change: now requires at least OS X 10.7 (previously OS X 10.4.6).

Changes in version 1.24.3 (26.11.2013):

  • Fixes a sleep issue for users running OS X 10.9.

Changes in version 1.24.2 (05.11.2013):

  • Fix: All remaining known issues with OS X Mavericks' App Nap feature.

Changes in version 1.24.1 (31.10.2013):

  • Fix: Addresses an issue with OS X Mavericks' App Nap on some systems.

Changes in version 1.24 (30.10.2013):

  • NEW: Support for OS X® Mavericks.
  • NEW: Support for iBooks (OS X® Mavericks).
  • NEW: Support for Lightroom 5. Only start/stop of slideshows work right now as Lightroom 5 does not seem to allow navigating to the previous/next image anymore while slideshows play.
  • NEW: Support for Mac Blu-ray Player.
  • NEW: Support for Movist (Mac® App Store).
  • NEW: Support for GarageBand 10 (Mac® App Store).
  • NEW: New black and white status bar icon depicting a remote.
  • NEW: Metrics. You can now help improve Remote Buddy by submitting completely anonymous statistical data. This is your chance to have a vote in the future direction of Remote Buddy! The updated license agreement details what anonymous statistical data this feature collects, how it is stored and what we do with it. If you don't want to participate, please uncheck the respective checkbox when you're presented the updated license agreement. You can also turn off this feature inside Remote Buddy's Preferences in the "General" tab.
  • Enhancement: Compatible with Keynote 6.0 (Mac® App Store).
  • Enhancement: Compatible with Photo Booth 6.0 (OS X® Mavericks).
  • Enhancement: Support for more eHome/MCE receivers.
  • Fix: Better compatibility with iTunes® 11. AirPlay speakers and shared libraries work again. And while iTunes® AppleScript support for shuffle and repeat remains broken even in the latest iTunes® release, Remote Buddy now works around this using UI automation techniques.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where Remote Buddy would relaunch itself infinitely right after being launched.
  • Fix: Compatibility fixes for OS X® Mavericks.
  • Fix: Now falls back to the OS X® Apple® Remote subsystem when a different than the bundled Candelair version is installed. Previously, the Apple® Remote would be listed in Remote Buddy's user interface, but Remote Buddy would not actually listen for incoming button presses in this scenario.

Changes in version 1.23 (16.01.2013):

  • Enhancement: Support for iTunes 11 (previously already available via the Online Updater)
  • Enhancement: Support for Plex/HT (previously already available via the Online Updater)
  • Fix: Fix for an issue where the Apple® Remote could end up controlling both OS X Mountain Lion and Remote Buddy at the same time.

Changes in version 1.22.1 (23.11.2012):

  • Updated: Integrated iTunes Behaviour Update for OS X 10.8.2 (works around a bug in AESendMessage() under OS X 10.8.2).
  • Fix: Fixed showmenu AppleScript command (previously prevented f.ex. album menu for iPhoto from working)

Changes in version 1.22 (03.10.2012):

  • Enhancement: Improved appearance on Retina displays.
  • Fix: Remote Buddy no longer shows a Built-in IR Receiver on Macs that actually don't have one.
  • Fix: Sony BD Remote now pairs correctly under OS X 10.8.2, if the remote hasn't previously been paired with the Mac. A reboot after the initial pairing is no longer required. Please see the FAQ if you have trouble pairing a unit that you had paired with your Mac before. My thanks go to the great engineers at Apple, without whose work this issue could not have been solved!
  • Fix: The Setup Wizard will now wait longer for a Bluetooth remote to show up.
  • Fix: Remote Buddy no longer hangs and crashes, if you close the menu while a file item is selected and remains selected upon reopening the menu (thanks Volker for reporting the issue!).

Changes in version 1.21.1 (09.08.2012):

  • NEW: Compatible with OS X® Mountain Lion.

Changes in version 1.21 (02.05.2012):

  • NEW: Behaviour for Adobe® Lightroom 4
  • NEW: Behaviour for MPlayerX
  • NEW: Behaviour for Roxio® Video Player
  • NEW: Now signed with IOSPIRIT's Apple® Developer ID, in preparation for OS X® Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper
  • NEW: Support for even more eHome/MCE receivers (thanks to B. Guertin for feedback and testing!)
  • Fix: The "General" preferences tab icon was missing under OS X 10.7.3.
  • Fix: Improved detection of the power status (on/off) of the Bluetooth® Controller under OS X® Lion

Changes in version 1.20 (18.01.2012):

  • NEW: Behaviour for Google Chrome.
  • NEW: Behaviour for QVIVO Player.
  • NEW: Behaviour for SoundCloud App.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Rdio Desktop.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for Safari, FireFox and Google Chrome. When you view plugin content in fullscreen, the respective Behaviours for the respective browsers now remain active.
  • Enhancement: Support for latest Manta TR1 hardware.
  • Enhancement: Integrated link to AJAX Remote iOS app directly into the Preferences.
  • Fix: Addressed issues in the Plex Behaviour (a bugfixed version was already previously available via Remote Buddy's Online Updater - this update integrates the fixed version into the default Remote Buddy distribution).
  • Fix: Addressed an issue where Remote Buddy could crash when no host name was set for a Mac and the AJAX Remote app was used (thanks for reporting, Ian)
  • Fix: Addressed an issue where Remote Buddy could crash upon the connection of Bluetooth remotes.
  • Fix: Addressed an issue where Behaviours weren't loaded when they specified more than one target application.
  • Fix: Addressed an issue where activating the the pause-on-deactivation feature of the EyeTV Behaviour had no effect.
  • Fix: The audio & video category in hierarchical menu structures displays an icon on Lion again (thanks for reporting, Pär)
  • Fix: The copy in Online Updater again shows "Remote Buddy" ("(null)" previously. Thanks for reporting, Pär!)
  • Fix: Screen brightness sliders now also allow to reduce brightness when placed in a Behaviour's context menu (it would previously return to the parent menu).
  • Fix: The Candelair driver now correctly handles sleep/wakeup of the Apple IR Receiver on iMac 2011 models. Previously, the Apple IR Receiver became unavailable on some of these machines after a sleep/wake cycle.

Changes in version 1.19.2 (16.11.2011):

  • NEW: Updated Plex Behaviour, adding support for Plex 0.9.5
  • Fix: addressed an issue in the bundled Candelair driver where a USB error wasn't handled properly on some Mac Minis (Early 2011) after waking from sleep, resulting in the IR Receiver becoming unresponsive until after a reboot.

Changes in version 1.19.1 (24.10.2011):

  • Fix: A protocol error was previously displayed when using AJAX Remote in full screen mode via a bookmark from the iOS home screen.

Changes in version 1.19 (21.10.2011):

  • NEW: Support for the new AJAX Remote App

Changes in version 1.18.2 (15.09.2011):

  • Fix: The global mapping of a remote (mostly the Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row) could not be changed under rare circumstances.

Changes in version 1.18.1 (28.07.2011):

  • Enhancement: All presses of remote control buttons now wake up sleeping displays under Lion when Remote Buddy is running.
  • Enhancement: The included version of Candelair has been updated to implement the same display wakeup behavior under Lion as the driver supplied by Apple® with OS X® Lion. Please see the Candelair release notes for details.
  • Fix: Lion compatibility fixes for AJAX Remote's Trackpad and Camera modules.
  • Fix: Fullscreen CoverFlow mode available again for iTunes® 10.4 - when running under OS X® versions prior to Lion.
  • Fix: Remote Buddy now "unhides" itself as necessary. This addresses an issue where Remote Buddy was set as a user's Login Item in "Hidden" mode - and Remote Buddy's menu subsequently not being visible (due to RB having been hidden by OS X® right at launch time).

Changes in version 1.18 (20.07.2011):

  • NEW: Support for OS X Lion
    • Support for PhotoBooth's new full-screen mode (including effect selection via remote!)
    • Support for iCal's new full-screen mode and year view
    • Support for Safari's new full-screen mode and optimized default mapping (integrating Virtual Mouse)
    • Support for DVD Player's new full-screen mode
    • Support for Preview's new full-screen mode
    • Support for iTunes 10.4's new full-screen mode and removal of full-screen CoverFlow mode
    • Behaviours for Accessibility, Spaces and Exposé are not available under Lion
    • Candelair updated to version 1.6, driver updated to version 1.18, now with Lion support

Changes in version 1.17.1 (09.06.2011):

  • Enhancement: Added a "do not show this message again" checkbox to the "Driver installation" requester.
  • Fix: Including the latest version of Candelair, which fixes a rarely occurring IOKit driver matching issue (introduced with driver version 1.9.0) that led to parts of Candelair being matched to regular, unrelated HID devices (like keyboards, mice, joysticks).

Changes in version 1.17 (27.05.2011):

  • NEW: Now based on Candelair 1.5 (Driver 1.9.0), which introduces a new, more flexible concept for its included drivers and provides improved support for 64 Bit kernels.
  • NEW: New dual mode driver for the Apple® IR Receiver allows you to use it with and without installing the Candelair driver. This feature is only available on OS X® 10.5 and later for technical reasons.
  • Enhancement: Support for iTunes® 10.2 remote speaker selection.
  • Enhancement: Further improved Apple IR decoder for eHome/MCE receivers.
  • Enhancement: Reduced launch time thanks to enhanced plugin loading routines.
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of sudden disconnects of remotes and receivers.
  • Enhancement: Lots of cosmetic changes.
  • Important notice regarding PowerPC™ support: Our last PowerPC™ machine quit service, so we are no longer able to test new releases for compatibility with PowerPC™ machines ourselves. Since we got zero feedback when searching for beta testers via the Remote Buddy forum and Twitter, we estimate interest in PowerPC™ support to be very low, maybe even completely absent by now. So, starting with this release, we're dropping support for PowerPC™ Macs. The - as of now - last release of Remote Buddy with support for PowerPC™ CPUs can be downloaded from the Remote Buddy FAQ. If you happen to still use a PowerPC™-based Mac® and you'd like to help out with beta testing, please get in touch. If there's enough interest and we can gather a critical mass of beta testers, PowerPC™ support may return in the next release.

Changes in version 1.16.6 (14.11.2010):

  • Enhancement: Improved Apple® IR decoder for eHome/MCE receivers
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability and error handling in the eHome/MCE receiver driver (now compatible with OS X 10.6.5)
  • Enhancement: Support for iTunes® 10.1 remote speaker selection
  • Fix: Workaround for what looks like a bug introduced by Apple with OS X 10.6.5 (rdar://8672139) that breaks communication between EyeTV and Remote Buddy regarding EyeTV remotes. Note: This fix was not part of the original 1.16.6 release, but was released as a silent update (on 16th November 2010 at 10 am UTC+1). If you are affected by the problem, visit and follow the instructions to re-download Remote Buddy and replace your existing copy with the updated version.

Changes in version 1.16.5 (06.10.2010):

  • Enhancement: Improved support for Manta™ TR-1 receivers
  • Enhancement: Support for iTunes® 10
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with controlling Plex when in the background.

Changes in version 1.16.4 (09.08.2010):

    Important notice: If you are having problems to install the update using the built-in updater, please install it manually (by downloading the latest version from , quitting Remote Buddy and replacing the old copy with the new, downloaded one).
  • NEW: Behaviour for Bridge CS5
  • NEW: Behaviour for Capture One® (Pro) 5
  • NEW: Behaviour for Lightroom® 3
  • NEW: Behaviour for QuickTime® Player 7
  • Enhancement: The file browser now also supports the launch of .command files.
  • Fix: Added a workaround for the iOS 4 issue where auto login cookies aren't stored by iOS 4 when using AJAX Remote in full screen mode. AJAX Remote now works around the issue by storing a copy of the auto login cookie via HTML5 SQL Storage.
  • Fix: Fixed a concurrency problem when using an EyeTV receiver and Apple® IR Receiver with an Apple® Remote at the same time.

Changes in version 1.16.3 (18.05.2010):

  • Enhancement: Improved readability of Virtual Keyboard
  • Enhancement: Improved support for the EyeTV Remote
  • Enhancement: Resizable mapping preferences
  • Enhancement: The time between UDP packages to Plex has been increased. On some Macs with customized (!) preferences, this works around a rare problem where Plex didn't react to certain navigation actions.
  • Removed: A number of options have been removed because they were rarely (if at all) actually used, but very often created confusion: the "Driver Testdrive" option in Setup Wizard, the option not to be prompted by Remote Buddy upon launch when its driver hasn't been installed, the Bluetooth option "Stop searching for remotes after X minutes", the EyeTV Behaviour's "auto-mute" option.
  • Change: Corrected a typo in the name of one XBMC Behaviour action.
  • Fixes

Changes in version 1.16.2 (16.02.2010):

  • NEW: Behaviour for MPlayer OSX Extended.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Microsoft® Expression Media.
  • Enhancement: Updated Behaviours for Plex, XBMC, Boxee, RealPlayer and DivX Player.
  • Fix: The "close menu" attribute of self-created actions in scripted Behaviours is now respected.
  • Fixes

Changes in version 1.16.1 (19.01.2010):

  • NEW: New option "Move mouse cursor to fullscreen friendly position on application start/system wake-up". This option is disabled by default. You can enable it at Prefs > General.
  • Enhancement: Improved EyeTV menu support (using new features of EyeTV version 3.3 and later).
  • Fixes.

Changes in version 1.16 (16.12.2009):

  • NEW: Support for the new Aluminum Apple® Remote (in combination with supported Apple® IR Receivers, eHome/MCE receivers and Keyspan IR receivers). The remote control model is auto-detected as soon as you press the "Select" or "Play/Pause" button on your remote.
  • NEW: Compatible with the Logitech® Harmony® Adapter for PlayStation® 3. Inside Remote Buddy, the adapter is detected and handled as a regular Sony® PS3 BD Remote. There's no specific support for the Harmony®'s button layout at this point. Worth noting: the IR->Bluetooth conversion inside the adapter introduces a noticeable delay. The original BD Remote is a lot snappier.
  • NEW: Audacious Software has created a Behaviour for controlling their Home Automation Software Shion. When Shion is installed, the Behaviour is available via Remote Buddy's Online Updater.
  • Enhancement: Auto-mute of EyeTV when launching Front Row or starting playback in iTunes® can now be turned off at Prefs > Behaviours > EyeTV
  • Change: The 6 core buttons of many remotes have been renamed from Plus/Minus/Left/Right/PlayPause to Up/Down/Left/Right/Select.
  • Bugfixes

Changes in version 1.15 (23.10.2009):

  • NEW: New version of Virtual Remote. Implements a global workaround for the Apple® Remote IR Controller locking issues of OS X 10.6 and 10.6.1. This global workaround is also available as seperate download for non-Remote Buddy users under
  • NEW: Support for metadata made available by applications using the new HIDRemote Objective-C class.
  • Other: Preparations for OS X 10.6.2
  • Bugfixes.

Changes in version 1.14.1 (02.09.2009):

  • NEW: Support for QuickTime Player X (new in Snow Leopard) including support for creating, starting and stopping audio, video and screen recordings
  • NEW: Support for the changed format of recently opened file lists in Snow Leopard
  • NEW: 64 Bit version of the Remote Buddy Driver for the new 64 Bit Snow Leopard kernel
  • NEW: Added experimental support for two Topseed eHome receivers.
  • Fix: Bugfixes.

Changes in version 1.14 (06.08.2009):

  • NEW: AJAX Remote Multitouch (for iPhone™ / iPod® Touch with iPhone™ OS 2.2.1 and later)
    • NEW: Gesture Control: control 100+ Mac® apps with touch gestures on your iPhone™/iPod® Touch
    • NEW: New fullscreen mode: add AJAX Remote to your iPhone™ / iPod® Touch's home screen and launch AJAX Remote from there
    • NEW: Support for new Safari® features introduced with iPhone™ OS 3.0
    • NEW: Reworked all modules' interfaces to take advantage of multitouch where available
  • NEW: Behaviour for Hulu Desktop
  • NEW: Behaviour for Spotify (experimental)
  • NEW: New actions for quitting the currently controlled application (located at Behaviours > Quit controlled application ..)
  • Enhancement: Preparations for Snow Leopard
  • Enhancement: Plex Behaviour: new actions "Move to previous screen" and "Move to next screen".
  • Enhancement: Rewritten Audio Input/Output switcher taking advantage of the respectively latest APIs in OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.5.
  • Enhancement: Additions to support the use of Remote Buddy in kiosk setups (please file a support inquiry and ask for documentation, if you need to run Remote Buddy as part of a kiosk setup)
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with EyeTV 3.1.2.
  • Change: The activation of Behaviours via the Remote Buddy Menu (menu item "Activate Behaviour") and via actions (located at Behaviours > Activate XY Behaviour) now behaves consistenly.
  • Fix: Bug fixes

Changes in version 1.12 (07.04.2009):

  • NEW: Completely rewritten eHome IR Receiver driver
    • NEW: Support for additional receivers: Philips® OVU411000/00, Philips® OVU412000/00, latest revision of Manta™ TR-1
    • NEW: Support for pairing an Apple® Remote
    • NEW: Support for passing on Apple® Remote IDs to Remote Buddy's Virtual Remote (the only feature-complete Apple® IR Receiver/Remote emulation on the market)
  • NEW: New Behaviours: Audio Hijack Pro and Plex
  • NEW: New option to deactivate the Built-In Apple® IR Receiver on application startup
  • Enhancement: Additional navigation actions available in the Boxee and XBMC Behaviours
  • Enhancement: Workaround for EyeTV 3.1.1-specific problem with toggling fullscreen
  • Enhancement: Improved IR code detection.
  • Enhancement: Improved Preview Behaviour.
  • Fix: Fix of the "menu level up" bug for the system volume slider menu element
  • Fix: Bugfix when selecting multiple remote speakers in iTunes®

Changes in version 1.11.5 (23.01.2009):

  • NEW: Brand-new Behaviours for Boxee and XBMC. They ..
    • make a wealth of new actions to control Boxee/XBMC available
    • no longer use keystrokes or emulated Apple® Remote events to control the target applications
    • send event packets directly to Boxee's/XBMC's own event server
    • completely bypass a world of error sources (like f.ex. different keyboard layouts, disabled Apple® Remote support, ..)
    • enable you to access features that can't be controlled with emulated keystrokes (like f.ex. the Boxee on-screen keyboard)
  • Enhancement: Added support for power saving options for Sony® PS3 BD Remotes used under OS X 10.5.6.
  • Fix: The Apple® Remote ID is now reliably passed through to the Virtual Remote when using the Apple® built-in receiver.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with EyeTV 3.1.

Changes in version 1.11.4 (29.12.2008):

  • NOTE: This update is an update outside the planned release schedule. It is purely a driver update and otherwise identical to version 1.11.2.
  • NEW: New driver for the Sony® PS3 BD Remote. Apple® made changes to the Bluetooth subsystem in OS X 10.5.6 that rendered the previous driver incompatible. An unfortunate side-effect of the changes in OS X 10.5.6 is that Remote Buddy can no longer offer auto-disconnect functionality for connections to the Sony® PS3 BD Remote. To disconnect your BD Remote using the remote itself, press the PS button for several seconds. The new driver is only used for users running OS X 10.5.6 and later.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for EyeTV receivers, including the EyeTV 250 plus, EyeTV DTT (2008), EyeTV Diversity (2008) and EyeTV Hybrid (2008).
  • Enhancement: The Apple® Remote ID is now passed through to the Virtual Remote when using the Apple® built-in receiver.

Changes in version 1.11.2 (21.10.2008):

  • NEW: New Behaviours for AOL® Radio 2, Adobe® Lightroom™ 2, Boxee, Impress 3.0 beta, StarOffice™ Impress 9 beta
  • NEW: AJAX Remote news
    • NEW: New login mask, now with a "stay logged in" option
    • NEW: Completely redesigned remote module for iPhone™ OS 2.1
    • NEW: AJAX Remote now uses the touch events (available since iPhone™ OS 2.1) to achieve better responsiveness
  • NEW: Manta™ TR1 receivers now officially supported
  • Enhancement: New actions for Shift-, Alt- and Ctrl-keys in Virtual Keyboard. More virtual keyboard actions now also available for mapping in other Behaviours and the BCK.
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability of the "Eject CD/DVD" action of the Audio CD/DVD Behaviour.
  • Enhancement: Numerous enhancements and optimizations in the RapidHTTPD core
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of low-light conditions in the AJAX Remote's Camera module
  • Fix: Action Factory pane resizing bug fixed.
  • Fix: Made "Channel up" action of the SlingPlayer Behaviour keyboard layout independant.
  • Fix: Enqueuing tracks via AJAX Remote works again when using iTunes® 7.2 or later.
  • Change: Version bump of kernel extension.
  • Change: Remote Buddy is now signed with a trusted certificate to ease interaction with Leopard's Application Firewall and Keychain. Existing users may be prompted once by Leopard to allow Remote Buddy to accept incoming connections as well as to allow it access to its own keychain item "Remote Buddy AJAX Remote". If prompted, users should click on "Allow" in both cases. Remote Buddy will not be able to accept incoming connections or retrieve or set a password for AJAX Remote otherwise.

Changes in version 1.11.1 (11.08.2008):

  • Enhancement: Updated Dutch locales. A big thanks goes to Alexander Henket for all of his work!
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash bug when moving around screen setting items in the menu preferences.

Changes in version 1.11 (01.08.2008):

  • NEW: Added a Behaviour for Plex.
  • Enhancement: Further improved speed of the iTunes® library support.
  • Enhancement: Added new categories to the iTunes® media library browser: music videos, composer, audiobooks.
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of multi-disc albums by the iTunes® music library browser.
  • Enhancement: Further improved bandwidth efficiency of the AJAX Remote.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with the basic changes in iTunes® 7.7.1's AppleScript® support.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem where single-track albums in shared libraries could not be accessed.
  • Fix: Various small fixes.

Changes in version 1.10.1 (25.04.2008):

  • Enhancement: Updated Dutch translation (once again, a big thanks to Alexander Henket!)
  • Fix: Fixed "double-toggle" bug in the support for multiple AirPort® Express.

Changes in version 1.10 (23.04.2008):

  • AJAX Remote - novelities and improvements
    • NEW: Support for remote access ("streaming") to files stored in your iTunes® library (including playlist & album support)
    • NEW: Support for the selection of multiple speakers as well as support for the selection of the default audio output of the Mac Remote Buddy runs on (tap on the "(i)" next to "Computer" in the speaker overview)
    • Enhancement: Further speed and efficiency enhancements in the RapidHTTPD core used by the AJAX Remote.
    • Enhancement: The launcher will no longer display an icon for EyeTV if EyeTV is not installed
  • NEW: Behaviours for even more applications
    • NEW: Behaviour for Adobe Media Player
    • NEW: Behaviour for Adobe Bridge (CS2 and CS3)
    • NEW: Behaviour for Toast Video Player
    • NEW: Behaviour for XBMC
  • NEW: Support for selecting multiple AirPort Express® speakers
  • NEW: Default system audio inputs and outputs can now be switched via the menu (find it in Remote Buddy menu > System > Audio devices by default)
  • NEW: Reworked pairing engine and book-keeping in Bluetooth® Receiver
    • NEW: A new internal database allows users to see a list of paired remotes directly in "Preferences > Hardware > Bluetooth Receiver", to remove the pairing with that device directly within Remote Buddy.
    • NEW: Support for passive pairing (only the BD Remote supports this, the Wii™ Remote does not). BD Remotes, once paired, can now be reconnected to Remote Buddy by the simple press of any button and also much faster. The BD Remote can now also wake up your Mac® even if it was not connected to Remote Buddy at the time the Mac® was put to sleep. In combination with the option to disconnect a remote after a given period of inactivity and the option to disconnect the remote upon sleep, the new support for passive pairing will help you to greatly enhance the battery life time of your BD Remote. Passive pairing also helps to avoid physical 802.11 pollution (as mentioned in Apple's "Bluetooth Device Access Guide") by avoiding Bluetooth® traffic as far as possible.
  • NEW: Option to not show a legend of the current remote control mapping
  • NEW: Option to directly activate a Behaviour without descending into its context menu first
  • NEW: New AppleScript® command "keypress" allows developers to send key press events with manifold options
  • Enhancement: Big speedboost of operations on huge iTunes® Music Library
  • Enhancement: Whether Remote Buddy should appear in the dock, in the menu bar or both can now be determined on a per-user basis on Leopard. As a necessary change, the default setting under Tiger is now "only in the menu bar".
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy is now a signed application to improve the interplay with Leopard's built-in application firewall and Keychain®.
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability in the recognition of Bluetooth® remotes ready for pairing
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the iTunes® Behaviour that would reload the XML database each time a library operation was accessed through the onscreen menu or the AJAX Remote.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare timing bug where Remote Buddy could hang when an application was quit, cover art was polled via the AJAX Remote and iTunes changed tracks - all at the very same moment.

Changes in version 1.8.10 (05.03.2008):

  • Enhancement: Improved "stop recording" handling in EyeTV 3.0
  • Fix: Behaviour background application detection in a couple of Behaviours

Changes in version 1.8.9 (23.02.2008):

  • NEW: Support for PowerPoint® 2008 (including a new action)
  • NEW: Support for PhotoBooth 2
  • Enhancement: Increased flexibility in application recognition
  • Fix: Playlists of shared iTunes® libraries can be accessed again
  • Fix: A rare issue with incomplete recognition of "Keyspan™ RF Remote for Front Row" remotes has been resolved.

Changes in version 1.8.8 (28.01.2008):

  • NEW: Localization news
    • NEW: Dutch Translation and Online Help. Credit and many thanks go to Alexander Henket for making this contribution.
    • NEW: German Online Help.
    • NEW: AJAX Remote is now localizable.
    • NEW: Support for updating existing and installing new localizations through Remote Buddy's Online Updater
  • Fix: Updated Preview.rbbehaviour to support Leopard Preview
  • Fix: fixed the problem that the Keyspan™ RF Remote didn't always show up in the list of connected remotes.
  • Fix: fixed the phenomen that Front Row on OS 10.4.x could only be started once on some systems.

Changes in version 1.8.7 (18.01.2008):

  • Fix: A problem where Wii™ Remotes could not complete the pairing process has been solved.

Changes in version 1.8.6 (17.01.2008):

  • Enhancement: Higher resolution iPod® Touch / iPhone™ WebClip icon for a better visual appearance.
  • Enhancement: Improved error handling in the USB drivers.
  • Fix: improved compatibility with Keyspan™ IR receivers (fix for the red-LED-always-on-issue)

Changes in version 1.8.5 (16.01.2008):

  • NEW: Leopard compatibilty updates. Leopard users should update to this version.
  • NEW: Completely new hardware drivers - redesigned from scratch with a special focus on support for sleep, fast user switching and power management.
  • NEW: Vastly improved Wii™ Remote IR mouse mode now featuring a new, advanced smoothing technique.
  • NEW: Support for the wake-from-sleep feature of Keyspan™ Express receivers (works with both bundled remotes and Apple® Remote).
  • NEW: AJAX Remote adds support for the new WebClip Bookmark Icon feature of the latest iPhone™/iPod® Touch firmware introduced at the Macworld 2008 keynote.
  • NEW: Refreshed Remote Buddy logo.
  • NEW: Remote Buddy can now automatically switch to the playlist of the currently playing song
  • NEW: Three playback strategies for iTunes videos - no special strategy (as before), Play back video in iTunes® (according to your current settings), Fullscreen playback in QuickTime® Player
  • NEW: Behaviour for iView Media.
  • Enhancement: Speed optimizations in the iTunes® library browsing
  • Enhancement: Improved default menus for EyeTV and DVD Player.
  • Enhancement: Preferences now offers a one click option to reinforce a "Remote Buddy appears only in menu bar" setting after a manual upgrade and authentification for users with a restricted account.
  • Enhancement: The AirTunes™ speaker switching support now handles a lot of additional special cases
  • Enhancement: The Driver Installer now also sets the permissions of the Remote Buddy driver in case they were removed i.e. by copying Remote Buddy to f.ex. a FAT file system (which doesn't have any support for permissions) prior to installing it.
  • Enhancement: The AJAX Remote's login mask now uses POST instead of GET.
  • Enhancement: License information is no longer stored in the keychain.
  • Fix: The issue where an empty menu could appear after exiting from Front Row has been resolved
  • Fix: An image rather than an empty circle is displayed again when sending the computer to sleep via the remote.
  • Fix: Adapted the DVDpedia Behaviour to use the new key combination for switching to fullscreen mode, added two new actions for direct playback of VIDEO_TS folders existing for the current selection.
  • Fix: Bugfix in EyeTV integration where changed mappings would be saved under different names on each startup on some system.
  • Fix: Future application updates via the built-in Online Updater are working again. Support for user accounts with limited access rights has been added.
  • Fix: The "Driver Needs to Be Installed" dialog can now be omitted by checking the respective checkbox.
  • Fix: Bugfix in the Spaces Behaviour.

Changes in version 1.8 (14.11.2007):

  • NEW: Support for EyeTV Remote controls! You can now use most remote controls that come bundled with EyeTV to control Remote Buddy. EyeTV needs to run at the same time for this to work. For remote controls to turn up in Remote Buddy, you need to press a button on the respective remote.
  • NEW: Support for EyeTV favorite groups.
  • NEW: Refreshed "leopardized" on-screen menu look.
  • NEW: Script Remote - allows third party driver software to command Remote Buddy via Apple Events / AppleScript.
  • NEW: New Behaviour that gives you control over Spaces.
  • Enhancement: New categories in Music Library Browser: Genres, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows
  • Enhancement: Automatic alphabetic grouping in Movie Library when you have many movies in it.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for dual tuner hardware used with EyeTV.
  • Enhancement: AJAX Remote's UISlider class now also works under FireFox.
  • Enhancement: Menus with many entries are now broken up into several chunks when used through AJAX Remote and viewed in Mobile Safari®. Previously the amount of HTML code for long lists could not be handled properly by Mobile Safari® due to the CPU and memory constraints of the devices it is running on.
  • Enhancement: Smarter handling and filtering when multiple receivers can handle input from the same report.
  • Enhancement: The WiiMote mouse mode is automatically temporarily deactivated upon a mouse click, as to prevent accidental drags.
  • Fix: Bugfix in the AJAX Remote's Presenter Trackpad.
  • Fix: Bugfix in EyeTV Behaviour where Remote Buddy's menu could come up if you had the menu hold button mapped to the "switch to fullscreen menu" action.
  • Fix: Now playing information was previously not displayed correctly when playing music from a shared music library.
  • Fix: Support for multiple Apple® Remotes previously would previously not save changed settings.

Changes in version 1.7.4 (12.10.2007):

  • Fix: Refresh bug in menu preferences.
  • Fix: Fixed bug where sometimes applications that were quit were reopened right after.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash bug when using the AJAX Remote to open recent files.
  • Fix: Workaround for a problem in Apple's IOUSBFamily on some Macs that could lead to a crash or even panic when using the new driver for the "Keyspan™ RF Remote for Front Row"

Changes in version 1.7.1 (08.10.2007):

  • NEW: Completely new Keyspan™ RF Remote for Front Row driver (rewritten from scratch). Efficiency, reaction times and compatibility with Leopard have been improved by this step. The new driver requires Remote Buddy's kernel extension to be installed.
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy now detects if you don't have support for assistive devices turned off when using the AirPort Express® switcher functionality - and provides you with instructions on how to turn it on.
  • Fix: Fixed two crash bugs in the AJAX Remote's music module.

Changes in version 1.7 (04.10.2007):

  • NEW: Completely new, reorganized and enhanced configuration interface!
    • NEW: Unified and cleaned up interface - all menu and mapping settings are now in one spot. The usage of tab controls has been completely eliminated.
    • NEW: Possibility to clone menu profiles
    • NEW: Custom actions can now be declared global, so you can use them everywhere else, too.
    • NEW: Modernized look and feel - Leopard-style
  • NEW: Major update to the AJAX Remote (almost complete rewrite).
    • NEW: Smoother and more animations and lower bandwidth requirements.
    • NEW: Redesigned, streamlined and thus faster menus
    • NEW: Camera module
    • NEW: The address bar is now automatically hidden.
    • NEW: Live "streaming" from your iSight or Firewire camera.
    • NEW: Take snapshots and save them to your ~/Pictures/Remote
    • Buddy/ folder
    • NEW: Completely rewritten Music module
    • NEW: Completely new, dynamic layout with fade in/out effects
    • NEW: Enqueue songs and albums
    • NEW: Dynamically updating playlist view with editing capabilities
    • NEW: Control shuffle and repeat
    • NEW: Volume and track position sliders
    • NEW: Switch between AirPort Express® / AirTunes™ speakers (please make sure you have support for assistive devices turned on in /Applications/System > Accessibility prefs)
    • NEW: AJAX-based search in the local music library
    • Note: Genre and Year meta information display will return in a later release
    • Note: Currently, only the iPod® Touch, iPhone™ and Safari® 3 are officially supported by the AJAX Remote. FireFox should generally work fine as well, but the interface may look different due to the lack of CSS3 support in FireFox. MSIE is and will stay officially unsupported.
  • NEW: Support for AirPort Express® / AirTunes™ speaker switching (please make sure you have support for assistive devices turned on in /Applications/System > Accessibility prefs)
  • NEW: Compatibility with Leopard Developer Preview.
  • NEW: More Behaviours are now part of the core distribution (most of them were previously already available through Online Updater)
    • Aurora
    • Books
    • Chroma
    • ComicBookLover
    • Freak Show
    • iCal
    • iView MediaPro
    • Krix
    • Credit and many thanks go to Wolfgang Reszel for making this contribution.
    • Miro
    • MultiAlarm
    • NewsLife
    • PandoraBoy
    • PandoraJam
    • PhotoPresenter
    • SIDPlay. Credit and many thanks go to Wolfgang Reszel for making this contribution.
    • Skim. Credit and many thanks go to Jean-Charles Roger for making this contribution.
    • Transmission
    • Unison
    • Vienna
    • VoodooPad
    • VoodooPad Pro
    • Yojimbo
    • Zattoo
  • Enhancement: New preferences in AJAX Remote allowing you to choose between DVD Player and VLC for VIDEO_TS playback
  • Enhancement: Massive performance gains when browsing network-shared iTunes® music libraries. Up to 30 x faster than in previous versions.
  • Enhancement: You can now turn off recognition of the Apple® Remote and Keyspan™ Remote for Keyspan IR receivers.
  • Enhancement: Added ”Release all modifiers" action to the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Enhancement: Various changes to improve support for localizations.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Action Actor does now use the standard action popup as well.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit now allows to define whether an action in the menu should close the menu on execution or not.
  • Enhancement: The AJAX Remote Bonjour name is now more eye-pleasing.
  • Fix: Adjusted SlingPlayer Behaviour to new version of SlingPlayer.
  • Fix: Adjusted NeoOffice Behaviour to new version of NeoOffice.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Keyboard actor.
  • Fix: The context menu of the Default Behaviour is now customizable as well.
  • Fix: Play/Pause in MythTVFrontend Behaviour now works correctly.
  • Fix: MouseSpot auto-toggle option now functional.
  • Fix: Showing / hiding the Virtual Keyboard via an action menu item works now.
  • Fix: Fixed a Sony® BD Remote Control related issue that would not accept any events from this remote if the battery wasn't completely charged.
  • Fix: Workaround for a problem in the OS 10.4.10 Bluetooth® stack that effectively prevented users of Bluetooth® based remote controls from sending their system to sleep
  • Fix: Newly installed Behaviours do now immediately turn up in the default simplified menu structure as well

Changes in version 1.1 (11.07.2007):

  • NEW: iPhone™ support via the new AJAX Remote (BETA!). Included modules:
    • Remote control. First class citizen: control Remote Buddy just like with any other supported remote.

    • Trackpad. The presenter's new, best friend. All the functionality you'll ever need in one smart, easy-to-use, little interface:
      • Virtual mouse: touch the virtual trackpad to reposition the mouse on screen. You can also left click, drag and right click.
      • Remote desktop: view a continuously updating image of your desktop below the trackpad surface. Literally touch your presentations!
      • Multiscreen support: effortlessly switch between multiple screens with just one touch.
      • Slide control: the remote's left and right buttons are accessible right below the trackpad, allowing you to switch to the previous and next slides of your presentation.
      • Mousespot integration: Highlight the position of the mouse on screen as you need it.
    • Virtual keyboard. Use the AJAX Remote to type text on your Mac.

    • Menu. Access Remote Buddy's menu directly from your iPhone™.
      • Animated and heavily AJAX based.
      • Many elements offer advanced representations.
      • This is the real Remote Buddy menu, not a lite version:
        • Launch applications, browse the filesystem, change system parameters, put your Mac to sleep.
        • Fully configurable via drag and drop.
        • UI elements like sliders, checkboxes and radio buttons, that are embedded into Remote Buddy's menu and control modes, volume or brightness fully work with the menu dynamically updating itself to adapt to the made changes.
    • Music
      • Browse the iTunes® music library on your Mac and those shared over the network.
      • Speedy: huge lists of entries are automatically broken up into A-Z categories that are quicker to load and access.
      • Supports both local libraries and those shared over the network.
    • Now Playing
      • Displays the cover art and meta information of the currently playing song.
      • Rate your songs by tapping on the rating bar.
      • Play and pause songs, skip forward and backward.
    • Movies. Quick access to Remote Buddy's Movie Library (VIDEO_TS launcher).

    • EyeTV. Switch channels, browse (including thumbnail and meta info) and play back your recordings, adjust volume and aspect ratio.
    • Based on IOSPIRIT's new HTTP server engine for desktop applications: RapidHTTPD.
      • Superior performance and ease of setup through direct integration of server and application.
      • Access is session-based and can be password-protected (it is by default).
      • Small memory footprint, supports HTTP keep-alive, multithreading, Bonjour, ...
  • NEW: Simplified menu. If you want to switch back to the hierarchic menu, you can do so with the option located at Preferences > General > Menu structure style.
  • Enhancement: All actions of the VLC Behaviour are now available globally and thus also for usage in its context menu.
  • Enhancement: The Virtual Keyboard no longer differentiates between key presses by mouse and remote control buttons - improving intuitivity for Wii® Remote users.
  • Enhancement: The "Default Receiver" has been renamed to "Virtual Receiver" and now offers options that allow you to completely remove the Hotkey Remote.
  • Change: The "no remotes found" warning requester has been removed.
  • Fix: Solved a timing issue with the auto-disconnect on sleep feature (deactivated by default) for Bluetooth remotes that could lead to an immediate wake up following the sleep on systems with OS 10.4.10.
  • Fix: Solved an extremely rare issue that only occured when the Virtual Mouse was explicitely chosen in Preferences to be automatically activated at startup, the Mousespot feature was turned on and a modal requester popping up at the same time, was fixed.
  • Fix: A bug where Remote Buddy could crash on exit if EyeTV is not installed was fixed.

Changes in version 1.0.5 (21.06.2007):

  • NEW: Behaviour for PandoraMan (available via online update).
  • NEW: Support for the Sony® BD Remote Control.
  • NEW: Support for the new IR receivers of the new MacBook® Pros.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with OS 10.4.10.
  • Enhancement: All metainformation of button events is now passed through the Behaviour Actors in the BCK / Custom Actions parts, so that f.ex. the Wii™ Remote IR Mousemode action can now be part of a self-compiled action.

Changes in version 1.0 (11.06.2007):

  • NEW: Behaviour Context Menus are now configurable.
  • NEW: Actions that allow to switch between Behaviours - i.e. if you are giving a presentation, you can jump to the Virtual Mouse with one button press and back to whatever application is currently active with another button press. Find them in the mapping table's context menu under "Behaviours".
  • NEW: Display Settings Behaviour - providing actions to toggle the main screen, mirroring, adjust screen brightness, overscan, "best for tv" optimization and move the Remote Buddy menu. The screen settings menu inside "System > Screen settings" does now also support changing overscan and the "best for tv" optimization.
  • NEW: Action to open the Remote Buddy menu directly at the main menu level.
  • NEW: Optimized for presenters. The Mousespot feature to highlight your mouse cursor can now be enabled and disabled automatically when switching to / away from the Virtual Mouse. Also, the default mapping for the Behaviours for PowerPoint®, Keynote®, Preview, NeoOffice®, Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe® Reader® has been changed, so you can now switch to and away from the virtual mouse by holding the Menu button. This finally turns your remote into the ultimate laser pointer replacement for your presentations.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Final Cut Pro.
  • NEW: New graphics for low battery condition and pairing.
  • NEW: Remote Buddy does now come with online help (English version, a German version will follow with a future update).
  • Enhancement: Many improvements in the Movie Library. The Spotlight™ search for VIDEO_TS folders can now be turned off and you can define folders Remote Buddy should scan manually. If you specify a folder on a network volume, Remote Buddy will automatically mount it.
  • Enhancement: New actions in the VLC Behaviour: Toggle shuffle, Repeat single files, Repeat all files.
  • Enhancement: Ported the ancient Front Row Behaviour over to Remote Buddy's Keystroke Class, solving possible previous accuracy problems.
  • Enhancement: Much improved efficiency in CPU and graphics resources consumption.
  • Enhancement: Heavily improved Spotlight™ performance when finding VIDEO_TS folders.
  • Enhancement: "Keyboard sequences" have now been merged into the Virtual Keyboard Behaviour and integrated directly into Remote Buddy's menu.
  • Enhancement: Multiple bezel messages do now stack up on top of each other instead of overlapping.
  • Enhancement: Improved drag and drop of filesystem folders in menu configuration. It's no longer possible to accidently drop them "on" a menu item.
  • Enhancement: The default mapping for the Wii™ Remote does now include the Mousespot feature, too (long press of button "1").
  • Change: Remote Buddy Startup Items removed as they are no longer needed. Please use the standard system startup items instead.
  • Change: Removed a single option from the EyeTV Behaviour's preferences.
  • Fix: The legend of the Hotkey remote is clipped correctly again now for any menu size.
  • Fix: Formatting errors in the button legend on very small displays.
  • Fix: Moving the Remote Buddy menu to another screen via the remote control was non-permanent if "Always on main screen" was selected in the Preferences.
  • Fix: Some computers would wake up again shortly after going to sleep if they had the Bluetooth® Receiver active, have been using Bluetooth® remote controls and there is currently no remote control connected to it.
  • Fix: EyeTV Behaviour does no longer reopen TV windows upon deactivation.
  • Fix: The track change notification bezel's stars are no longer cut off, if the title is shorter than the group of stars.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 15 c (RC2) (26.05.2007):

  • NEW: Behaviour for Matinee.
  • Enhancement: Menus created using the "showmenu" script command do now support accellerated scrolling. It does now support numbers as labels, too.
  • Enhancement: Simplified, quicker kernel extension installation and upgrade.
  • Fix: Recognition of Wii Remotes with rarely used Bluetooth addresses. Errors in this recognition made it previously impossible to use the few affected remotes with a PowerPC®-based Mac®.
  • Fix: Too high version numbers in the requirements part of the Info dictionary of the kernel extension prevented the Remote Buddy kernel extension from being loaded on systems older than 10.4.8.
  • Fix: Fixed bugs in the system volume up/down/mute actions.
  • Fix: In Front Row, button repeat events were previously not ignored for the "Menu level up" action.
  • Fix: Virtual Keyboard show/hide in combination with the Menu button does now work correctly.
  • Fix: Solved a sleep issue with EyeTV scheduled recordings.
  • Fix: Solved an issue in Remote Buddy's PowerManager that could lead to dropping control over hardware.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that - under rare circumstances - could lead to Remote Buddy crashing.
  • Fix: Screensaver is now also deactivated if autoswitching Behaviours is deactivated after an explicit user choice.
  • Fix: The Keyboard Actor did previously not send multiple key presses while in mode "Multiple key presses between press and release".

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 15 b (RC2) (29.04.2007):

  • This update is recommended for everyone.
  • Fix: A kernel panic that could be caused by a bug in Apple's IOUSBInterfaceUserClient does no longer occur. This was a problem with code in userspace, not Remote Buddy's kernel extension.
  • Fix: The first entry in EyeTV Recordings does now have the correct cover attached.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 15 (RC2) (26.04.2007):

  • Enhancement: Compatibility with systems patched with Andrew Escobar's Enabler.
  • Fix: The apperance option (menu, dock, menu & dock) in the preferences does now work again.
  • Fix: The driver using AppleIRController does now support pairing in all circumstances.
  • Fix: The Files section of the menu is now fully compatible with the new support for custom menu sizes.
  • Fix: "Delayed sleep" issue fixed.
  • Fix: Apple® Remote is accessible again after quitting Remote Buddy.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 14 (RC2) (24.04.2007):

  • NEW: Extensive support for the Wii™ Remote. Highlights:
    • NEW: Support for the mouse mode - including a - as far as we know - technological world premiere: a single infrared lightsource is sufficient for this feature to work. Or, said differently, if you don't have a sensor bar at hand, a *single* infrared LED or open candle will work just fine as a replacement.
    • NEW: Support for multiple remotes.
    • NEW: Support for waking up a sleeping Mac® via the remote.
    • NEW: Support for displaying the current battery level and a warning when the battery is low.
    • NEW: Optional calibration of the IR sensor and the ability to display what it receives.
    • NEW: Support for all Macs with Bluetooth and Tiger (designed and tested to work reliable from an iBook G3 over a PowerMac G5 up to the latest Intel®-based machines).
    • NEW: Remotes, once paired, can now connect to / re-pair with Remote Buddy at any time without any special user interaction.
  • NEW: Completely rewritten Apple® Remote support. Highlights:
    • NEW: Multiple remote support: map different remotes differently.
    • NEW: Fully transparent support for pairing.
    • NEW: Support for low battery warning.
    • NEW: Support for deep sleep.
    • NEW: Support for the updated Apple Remote driver in OS X 10.4.9.
    • NEW: High, unmatched responsiveness thanks to the combination of smart, new technologies part of this release.
    • NEW: Another world premiere: support for arbitrary length Play and Menu button presses. Without Remote Buddy, these buttons are limited to a duration of zero seconds.
    • NEW: Automatic resource conflict detection and solution regarding access to the remote.
  • NEW: Virtual Keyboard Behaviour. Highlights:
    • NEW: Fullblown, fully scaleable onscreen keyboard.
    • NEW: Usable with ANY supported remote, with the mouse mode of the Wiimote and any regular mouse that works with your computer.
    • NEW: Can be hidden and revealed using AppleScript.
    • NEW: The Virtual Cursor Keys Behaviour has been merged with this new Behaviour.
  • NEW: Virtual Remote Behaviour. Features:
    • This Behaviour implements a fullblown Apple Remote Emulation that will allow you to use any supported remote with any software that has built-in Apple® Remote support.
    • This emulation is real - and not based on sending keystrokes.
    • For the fun of it - and to underline this emulation is complete - we even included support for the special "low battery" and "pair" events ;-)
    • Works on any Mac! Including those that do not have a built-in IR receiver.
  • NEW: Virtual Mouse Behaviour now features "MouseSpot", which allows you to easily highlight your virtual mouse cursor. The frequently requested cursor acceleration feature is new in this release as well.
  • NEW: Support for the CoverFlow full screen mode in iTunes® - including selecting albums, changing tracks, Pause/Play, Volume +/-
  • NEW: Behaviour for AlchemyTV DVR.
  • NEW: Behaviour for AOL Radio. Credit and many thanks go to Susan Moore for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Audio Hijack. Credit and many thanks go to Susan Moore for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for DivX Player.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Democracy Player. Credit and many thanks go to Susan Moore for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for FireAnt. Credit and many thanks go to Susan Moore for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Google Video Player.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Joost.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Lightroom.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Mezzanine.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Movie Time.
  • NEW: Behaviour for MythFrontend. Credit and many thanks go to Brad Dolman for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for NicePlayer.
  • NEW: Behaviour for SlingPlayer. Credit and many thanks go to Jeff Derman for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Vidi. Credit and many thanks go to Susan Moore for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Xee 2.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Ziggy The Worm. Credit and many thanks go to Michael Kohler for making this contribution.
  • NEW: Additional Core Image fade in/out effects for the Remote Buddy menu.
  • NEW: The size of the menu can now be changed.
  • NEW: Option to not display a remote control picture in the menu's mapping overview. Useful especially for lowres displays.
  • NEW: Option to always display the Remote Buddy menu on the respectively current main screen.
  • NEW: A new mapping preflight algorithm introduces undelayed, instanteous reactions to button presses in complex mapping situations.
  • NEW: The button mapping is now completly configurable. Freely choose the button that opens the Remote Buddy menu globally (i.e. you could now use the "Menu hold" or "Play hold" instead of "Menu") - and override it locally as needed (i.e. to restrict the menu opening button to become "Menu Hold" for one Behaviour and remain "Menu" for all other Behaviours). Remote Buddy will automatically bring up an alert whenever you change the mapping in a way that would make Remote Buddy's menu inaccessible from anywhere in the application - and offers you a single click option to adapt your settings in a way that avoids this problem.
  • NEW: Remote Buddy startup items. You can use this feature to mount network drives, open documents and a lot more during Remote Buddy' startup phase.
  • Enhancement: The DVD Player Behaviour can now also switch audio tracks, subtitles, angles and mute.
  • Enhancement: The time to fade out of the iTunes® track change bezel can now be set. Also, the track change bezel is turned off by default again (to reenable, go to Preferences > Mapping > iTunes® > Options).
  • Enhancement: Support for the new windowed menu in EyeTV 2.4. Also you can now turn off the "Can't switch channels. Recording."-warning for the EyeTV Behaviour in the EyeTV Behaviour options.
  • Enhancement: Added support for "Recent documents" to the QuickTime Player Behaviour.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded iTuneSleep Behaviour to match the new Bundle Identifier of iTuneSleep. Other application created with AppleScript Studio can now no longer be mistaken for iTuneSleep. Thanks Nick for making that change! Please upgrade your installation of iTuneSleep to the latest version if you haven't already done so.
  • Enhancement: The Default Behaviour does now match the actions the Apple Remote would trigger without Remote Buddy - and adds more useful actions for originally unmapped buttons (mute + CD/DVD ejection).
  • Enhancement: The playback of a confirmation sound when changing system volume can now be turned off in the Preferences. The default is whatever you have set for your system in System Preferences.
  • Enhancement: You can now duplicate actions in the Behaviour Construction Kit.
  • Enhancement: Major overhaul of the Keystroke Actor - with support for autorepeat events and user-defined repeat intervals.
  • Enhancement: The AppleScript Actor does now offer an option to limit the repeat rate of script executions by defining a minimum time interval between two executions.
  • Enhancement: Vastly improved speed when browsing playlists in the Music Library of the iTunes® Behaviour. Cover Art is loading faster in many cases, too.
  • Enhancement: Cleanup among the Preferences options. Those that are only interesting for users with unusual uses for Remote Buddy in mind have been moved to an "Advanced" sheet.
  • Enhancement: New action for the VLC Behaviour "Cycle cropping".
  • Enhancement: Workaround for iTunes®' very own Play/Pause problem (essentially, if you start playing a track in iTunes®, then select another playlist, you could only stop - not pause - playback).
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit now allows you to specifiy more than one application bundle identifier per Behaviour, essentially allowing you to support different versions of an application with different bundle identifiers. If you specifiy multiple bundle identifiers, be sure to order them from the latest to the oldest version, so newer versions of the application are prefered.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit now offers an option to compile, testdrive and install a Scripted Behaviour in one go.
  • Enhancement: Update to the "Default Mapping" pane in the Behaviour Construction Kit - now uses the same action chooser popup as the Preferences. It also aggregates multiple equal remote controls (i.e. if one remote control is supported by more than one connected receiver).
  • Enhancement: Refined optics and optimized menu drawing - higher speed and heavily increased snappiness feeling. Menu animation returns to G3 Macs.
  • Enhancement: Many menus with lots of entries (especially in the iTunes® Behaviour) are now automatically split into A-Z submenus whenever it shortens navigation.
  • Enhancement: Lower memory consumption through a smarter usage of DO in the multithreaded driver architecture.
  • Enhancement: Improved activation of minimized or document-less applications via the Application Switcher and the context menu of Behaviours.
  • Enhancement: Updated, high-res, crystal-sharp mapping overview graphics.
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy is now waiting a second before sleeping the computer. This prevents the immediate wakeup when not immediately releasing the remote control button.
  • Enhancement: All drivers in Remote Buddy do now fully support safe sleep. Most of them support fast user switching (including the USB drivers for Keyspan and eHome 2005 receivers).
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy can now reliably handle parallel installs of Office v.X and Office 2004 on the same machine. Previously this constellation could lead to the effect that PowerPoint v.X would not be usable with Remote Buddy as version 2004 was detected, but actually not running.
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy's virtual mouse and keyboard can now be used to operate Remote Buddy's own user interface as well.
  • Enhancement: The DVD Player Behaviour is now no longer using AppleScript to determine whether a Video DVD is currently loaded. This gives a performance boost, saves resources and avoids any quit / poll race conditions.
  • Enhancement: New actions in the iTunes® Behaviour for turning shuffle mode on/off, cycling repeat mode, cycling list display mode, selecting a particular list mode, activating and deactivating the CoverFlow full screen as well as the aforementioned support for CoverFlow fullscreen navigation.
  • Change: Remote Buddy does now appear in the Dock and in the system's menu bar by default. You can change this with one click in Remote Buddy's preferences.
  • Change: In response to rampant piracy, Remote Buddy requires the activation of licenses from now on. For a small software company like IOSPIRIT, every license sold is of vital importance and has a direct influence on where we are able to take this project. The activation feature does only transfer MD5 checksums of the license code and a randomized, ambiguous (= not unique) machine identifier. It's within the very nature of MD5 checksums, that they can be used for comparison with already existing information but that the original information can not be extracted from them. No information regarding the identity or hardware configuration of the user can be extracted from these checksums. Personal information is not transfered, stored or used during the activation process at any time. The privacy of our users is respected.
  • Fix: The problem "Remote Buddy no longer shows up in the Dock after an upgrade" should be gone with all upgrades following this upgrade as that required a change to the Online Updater. If you encounter this problem with this release, please check the FAQ for an easy solution.
  • Fix: The PPC version of MPlayer OS X is now recognized as well (previously this was only the case for the Universal version).
  • Fix: Dragging and dropping applications into a customized menu to build a launch menu does now work as expected.
  • Fix: EyeTV fullscreen mode is now always detected no matter whether it has been activated through Remote Buddy or otherwise. The Behaviour does now also support long presses - for example for scrolling in the EPG.
  • Fix: Now always the correct EyeTV recording that prevents channel change should be displayed.
  • Fix: The "No supported remote controls found" dialog does no longer appear if you have an external receiver or the Bluetooth receiver is set to search for remotes on startup.
  • Fix: "Compile & testrun" on a freshly created Scripted Behaviour does no longer crash Remote Buddy.
  • Fix: Core Image fade in/out effects are now working correctly with wide menus.
  • Fix: If a Keyspan driver was detected to prevent access to the USB hardware on the system, an NSAlert was created from the driver thread - which could lead to a lockup. Fixed.
  • Fix: Numerous screen attribute changes related fixes.
  • Fix: Screensaver deactivation through button presses does now also work in previously unsupported edge cases.
  • Fix: The special conditions in which Remote Buddy would only react to button presses with beeps if no Behaviour is active or where Remote Buddy would present the root menu level at the first button press instead of the actually active Behaviour are now handled correctly. These problems do no longer occur.
  • Fix: Fix for a bug in the routine that should prevent the "multiple presses" issue that comes up with multiple receivers that understand the same remote.
  • Fix: Stricter remote signal matching rules inside the eHome receiver's driver code prevents reactions to signals from "normal" remote controls whose code have similiarities with that of the Apple Remote.
  • Fix: An issue, where EyeTV would only present a black screen after switching from a recording to a live source has been fixed.
  • Fix: A drawing error in the menu has been fixed, that was rare, but possible and was triggered by extremly fast button presses in combination with running animations on every part of the menu.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 12 (RC1) (08.01.2007):

  • Fix: A problem with detecting PowerPoint as active application has been fixed.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 11 (RC1) (25.12.2006):

  • NEW: Wii have an experimental surprise for you! ;-) Wii Remote Control support. Right now, "only" the buttons are supported. Support for the rest of the Wii Remote Control features (motion and IR sensors) is in the works.
  • NEW: iTunes Behaviour: Music Library Browser for your local library and all libraries shared over the network. Available categories include Artist, Album, Tracks, Playlists, Current Album, Current Artist, All songs by artist, All tracks on album. Displays artwork and track information (duration, name, album, year, genre, ..).
  • NEW: "Movie Library" menu inside VLCs and DVD Players Behaviour. Automatically finds your VIDEO_TS folders via Spotlight and displays covers with a nice glossy effect if you previously dropped any covert art into the parent directory of the respective VIDEO_TS folder.
  • NEW: Add your own Custom Actions to existing Behaviours with ease. Directly within the mapping table. A Custom Action can consist of any number of Actors, which can perform key strokes, execute AppleScript code, emulate mouse wheel events, call globally available Actions of other Behaviours or just delay command execution.
  • NEW: A brand-new, multithreaded driver architecture replaces the previous single-threaded approach. Hardware events, input filtering and parsing are now dealt with asynchronously, which enables precise timing and superior performance and integration while saving loads of memory over an alternative, multi-process approach.
  • NEW: New actions in the VLC Behaviour: cycle through subtitles, audio tracks and aspect ratio. Also, an action for switching to a new DVD menu navigation mode is now available as well.
  • NEW: New logo by Rory Prior from ThinkMac. It does better reflect the fact that Remote Buddy does by now support a far bigger range of remote control hardware than just the Apple Remote.
  • Enhancement: The Keynote Behaviour can now pause with a blank, black screen, jump to the first and last slide and also exit the presentation. It will now also help you to modify Keynote's preferences so you can access the Remote Buddy menu while Keynote is running a presentation.
  • Enhancement: Keeping manually activated Behaviours active until they are explicitely deactivated is now an option. And - unlike in all previous versions - it's turned off by default. You can turn it back on in the Preferences if you need it.
  • Enhancement: Accessibility and Exposé Behaviours are now designed in a way that allows you to map their actions anywhere, make Remote Buddy temporarily switch to these Behaviours and automatically leave them again as soon as you make a selection.
  • Enhancement: "General" preferences is now organized in a better way.
  • Enhancement: Behaviour Construction Kit additions: two new events to execute actions at Remote Buddy startup / quit time, i.e. to start / stop a background helper process. And the ability to declare an Action to be non-mappable (useful for usage with i.e. Behaviour-Event-only actions).
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy will automatically mute EyeTV as soon as Front Row is invoked or iTunes starts playing a song.
  • Enhancement: Improved, more efficient EyeTV support. Channel numbers are now displayed in front of the channel name in Remote Buddy's channels menu. A smooth bezel message will now inform you that a recording is in progress when trying to switch channels rather than just trying to switch channels and risking a requester to pop up.
  • Enhancement: Many of the Cocoa-based Behaviours are now completely AppleScript free or don't use AppleScript during Behaviour activation any longer.
  • Enhancement: The "Enter license code" interface does no longer require a company name to be entered.
  • Enhancement: Software updates can now be skipped individually in the component updater window. Internal additions to the updater's logic that allow an even smarter and more targeted distribution of component updates.
  • Fix: Background status inquiries do now no longer block if the respective application (i.e. iTunes and DVD Player) is not responding, but time out gracefully.
  • Fix: DVD Player Behaviour does now reliably detect DVD menus.
  • Fix: A timer that would not be stopped until the next transition in the menu could, under rare circumstances, previously consume 50% and more of CPU time without actually doing anything.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 10 b 2 (24.11.2006):

  • NEW: TuneConnect Behaviour.
  • NEW: Aperture Behaviour.
  • NEW: Shuffle and repeat controls in iTunes Behaviour available for mapping in and via its menu.
  • NEW: Three brand new AppleScript commands (behaviourcore, behaviourlist, behaviouraction) allow in-depth access to Behaviour and Action attributes as well as switching Behaviour, sending events to Actions and customizing Remote Buddy's Behaviour auto-pick mechanisms.
  • Enhancement: New actions available in the EyeTV Behaviour: "Previously viewed channel", "Live", "Jump to beginning", "Skip backward", "Skip forward"
  • Enhancement: The status of all receivers and remotes is now stored and restored in full detail upon Fast User Switches.
  • Fix: Hotkey Remote will again respect your choice regarding its (non-)activation at startup time.
  • Fix: Adobe Acrobat Behaviour and Adobe Acrobat Reader Behaviour: the hide/show/quit contextual menu items in the menu are no longer ghosted for Adobe Acrobat Standard Edition. Also, magnification does now work with US keymaps, too.
  • Fix: Remote Buddy does now properly handle Unicode characters in iTunes metadata.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the Behaviour Construction Kit that would prevent an auto-update of the action list as they are added to a new Behaviour.
  • Fix: Fixed a timing issue with external receiver signal filtering.
  • Fix: A "Built-in IR receiver" is no longer shown on systems without built-in IR receiver.
  • Fix: The case that Front Row is "killed" is now detected and handled correctly as well. Compatibility with DVD Assist.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 10 b (13.11.2006):

  • Fix: The Hotkey Remote works again.
  • Fix: This update fixes a problem with external USB IR receivers and the recognition of Apple Remote signals as well as the algorithm choosing the correct receiver if several are available.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 10 (10.11.2006):

  • NEW: The latest addition to the Front Row behaviour's menu: rate the songs played back while in Front Row! Just hold the menu button to enter the menu.
  • NEW: Keep your Remote Buddy and its Behaviours uptodate with its brand-new online updater! Remote Buddy will automatically detect and choose new Behaviours for 3rd party software you have installed. Third party plugin developers can integrate with this feature of Remote Buddy to directly provide the latest and greatest versions of their addons to you.
  • Enhancement: New Remotes and Receiver preferences user interface.
  • Enhancement: The evolution of action-popups continues. They are no longer flat. Instead, they are now organized in a mix of semi-flat, auto-expanding groups and standard menu hierarchies. Also, they're now sorted alphabetically and have the logos of the respective Behaviours attached to the respective entries. Feedback regarding these changes is especially welcome. Is the new organization more or less intuitive for you?
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of multiple receivers with overlapping range of supported remote controls.
  • Enhancement: New action in iTunes Behaviour called "Back track". It returns to the beginning of the current song or to the previous song depending on the current playback position. There is now also an action available to toggle the fullscreen visualizer mode of iTunes.
  • Enhancement: Almost the entire interface does now use .strings files for localization as well - with the most notable change for the users being the Behaviour Construction Kit being localized as well.
  • Enhancement: The Preferences does now use standard OS X UI elements and a unified toolbar for its "pane tabs".
  • Enhancement: Improved look of the UI in many places.
  • Fix: Improved "Front Row is running" detection routines makes third party Front Row addons compatible with Remote Buddy.
  • Fix: The eHome 2005 IR receiver driver previously did not recognize many Apple Remotes properly and missed the first button press after Remote Buddy's start.
  • Note: The 60 day trial period starts anew for all users with this release. This release is probably the last Preview release.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 9b (16.10.2006):

  • New: Display resolution, depth, brightness, mirroring as well as the "main screen" status can now be controlled from within Remote Buddy.
  • New: The Remote Buddy on screen menu can now be moved to any display from within the menu itself.
  • New: The VLC behaviour does now support showing the elapsed time in VLC's OSD (action "Show time").
  • New: Added support for two new zoom levels for fullscreen mode to the Preview behaviour.
  • New: Experimental support for additional (pretty old) Keyspan IR receiver revisions.
  • New: Search field for Behaviour names in the Mapping preferences pane.
  • Enhancement: Fulfilling another popular feature request of our users using the optical audio output, Remote Buddy does now allow you to control iTunes volume from within Front Row (=> while in Front Row, hold the menu button, then select the volume slider for iTunes).
  • Enhancement: All searches in the BCK are now performed case-insensitive.
  • Enhancement: Improved recognition of Apple Remote IR signals with Keyspan receivers.
  • Fix: Bug introduced in Preview 9 in BCK AppleScript Actor fixed.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 9 (04.10.2006):

  • New: Support for Keyspan Express and Keyspan Digital Media Remote (DMR). Owners of that hardware do now benefit of all the advantages and unique features the award winning Remote Buddy software offers to its users. Besides the Keyspan remote (model REM17B) included in those packages, Remote Buddy also supports the use of an Apple Remote with the Keyspan IR receivers (models UIA-11, UIA-11F and more). And it supports simultaneous use - which f.ex. allows to play multiplayer games via the remote controls. Remote Buddy's driver works completely out of the userspace and is completely independant of any Keyspan driver software. In fact, the Keyspan driver software has to be uninstalled in order for Remote Buddy's driver to get access to the receiver hardware.
  • New: Behaviour for Awaken.
  • New: Behaviour for Delicious Library.
  • New: Behaviour for DVDpedia.
  • New: Behaviour for FlexTime.
  • New: Behaviour for Flock.
  • New: Behaviour for Google Earth.
  • New: Behaviour for iCab.
  • New: Behaviour for NeoOffice (both Impress and Writer).
  • New: Behaviour for OmniWeb.
  • New: Behaviour for Opera.
  • New: Behaviour for Shiira.
  • New: Behaviour for Virtue.
  • New: Behaviour for Snapz Pro X.
  • New: Behaviour for Omni Outliner.
  • New: Behaviour for Stapler.
  • Neu: Behaviour für MacSwear.
  • New: Behaviour for GLtron (including two player support! If you have two different, compatible remotes - i.e. a Keyspan Express together with an Apple Remote - you can use both remotes at once to play GLtron together!)
  • New: Behaviour for Frozen Bubble (with two player support as well!)
  • Enhancement: Enhancend versions of the Camino, FireFox, Safari, CoverFlow, MPlayer OS X, iTunes, netTunes and iPhoto behaviours.
  • Enhancement: Improved visual appearance of selected buttons in both the mapping and the remote control preferences pane.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for G3 Macs.
  • Enhancement: The "AppName"-class identifiers are no longer supported in Scripted Behaviours in favor of the unified usage of bundle identifiers. Since no real world scripted behaviours are known to use such identifiers, this should not break anything. If it does break any of your homegrown behaviours, just replace the "AppName.Something" bundle identifier with the real bundle identifier and everything should work again as expected.
  • Fix: The problem where Remote Buddy had impact on the intro / outro animation performance in Front Row was fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed errors in the RemoteBuddy.sdef script definition file which effectively prevented some of Remote Buddy's AppleScript commands to return a return value.
  • Fix: Rare double-free bug in remote control button event dispatch engine fixed (could previously lead to crashes).

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 8 (26.09.2006):

  • Remote Buddy is the winner of the MacGeneration Award 2006 in the category "Best use of Apple Technologies".
  • New: Remote Buddy does now support the combination of eHome infrared receivers and the Apple Remote and thus allows the usage of the Apple Remote with every Mac with USB ports. Please have a look at the "supported remote controls" page for detailed information and - soon - the blog for how we added this feature in under eight hours of development time ;-)
  • New: Multiscreen support: the screen on which the Remote Buddy menu appears can now be chosen.
  • Enhancement: The "Activate Screensaver" action no longer depends on a complete LaunchServices database.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 7b (17.09.2006):

  • Fix: Increased reliability of zoom in / out functions in some behaviours .
  • Fix: Possible application crashes on resolution changes fixed.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 7 (11.09.2006):

  • NEW: Customizable menus. This feature is huge! Place behaviours, files, folders, actions, smart folders, volume controls and separator lines wherever you want, customize the artwork of items using drag and drop, create profiles for different usage scenarios - and bridge and switch between them whenever you want. The entire configuration works with drag and drop and is thus very intuitive. And we just started ;-)
  • NEW: You can now use your keyboard as a remote using the all new Hotkey Remote in Remote Buddy. Leveraging the power of Remote Buddy, Bluetooth keyboards can now be used as the ultimate control device, unifying mouse, keyboard and remote control in one. Many Bluetooth enabled mobile phones will work as well - given they can act as a Bluetooth keyboard and send the keystrokes of your choice. If you create a profile for your mobile phone, please share it with us. The default mapping of the Hotkey Remote is "Ctrl + Command + Esc" to enable/disable it and Ctrl + Alt in combination with 2,4,5,6,8 + Return on the number block of your keyboard for the button. By default Ctrl + Alt + Return (on the number block) opens the menu. You can fully customize the hotkeys to use in the remote control preferences pane. However, when reconfiguring, please be careful that the keys of your choice do not overlap with hotkeys Remote Buddy might be invoking itself to control applications.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Airfoil. Thanks Quentin!
  • NEW: Remote Buddy can now be placed in the dock, in the menubar or both at once.
  • NEW: You can now invoke the default screensaver from within the menu.
  • NEW: AppleScript command OSDMessage added. It allows to display text OSD-styled messages for a defined duration. As usual, you'll find example code in the AppleScript dictionary.
  • NEW: Remote Buddy can now automatically activate a behaviour of your choice on program startup.
  • NEW: Remote Control API allowing third party applications to dynamically add and remove remote controls.
  • Enhancement: Keeping the plus and minus buttons pressed now leads to accelleration during scrolling vastly speeding up navigating through menus with thousands of entries.
  • Enhancement: Navigating the menu with the remote's plus and minus buttons is now instant and should feel a lot snappier than before.
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with virtual desktop software like "VirtueDesktops" and "you control: desktops".
  • Enhancement: iPhoto behaviour can now switch between edit and organize view as well as move back and forth the focus on images in the current album.
  • Enhancement: Virtual mouse, mouse wheel and cursor keys can now be mapped everywhere in Remote Buddy.
  • Enhancement: Most actions from the iTunes behaviour are now globally available for mapping.
  • Enhancement: The system sleep action now shows the default OS X remote sleep image when selected.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit can now handle legacy bundle identifier embedding techniques (as used for example by Microsoft for Office).
  • Enhancement: The Preview behaviour can now scroll through the currently loaded document.
  • Enhancement: OSD messages for iTunes song changes are now suppressed when Front Row is active.
  • Enhancement: Support for seperator items in script-generated menus.
  • Fix: Fixed the magnification actions in the Behaviours for Acrobat and Preview.
  • Fix: The web update feature now uses WebKit classes instead of Core Foundation. Should fix any connection problems with the update feature that may previously have existed.
  • Fix: Rare double-free bug that could lead to crashes on exit now fixed.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 6 (12.08.2006):

  • NEW: Behaviour for netTunes added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Safari added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for FireFox added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Camino added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for GraphicConverter 5.9.1 and up added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for iPhoto added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for MediaCentral 2 added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for OS X Accessibility functions added (zoom in/out, invert colors, control contrast, access menu bar and dock).
  • NEW: "Default Behaviour" added - used as a fallback, if no supported application is found. Fully configurable, so you can map system volume or other actions to it.
  • NEW: Support for Griffin AirClick USB remote control added. Button combinations are supported (!) allowing up to 20 different functions per Behaviour for this 5 button remote control. The Menu button to call up the Remote Buddy menu is emulated when the volume down and skip left buttons are pressed at the same time.
  • NEW: New menus with embedded controls for easier feature access (i.e. system volume, rating, options, full screen mode), the ability to access the recently used documents of an application and to quit, force quit, hide or activate it.
  • NEW: Remote Buddy now supports AppleScript commands of its own for menus, storing global values, localization and visual effects.
  • NEW: Support for new full screen mode in EyeTV 2.3.
  • NEW: Detailed information and thumbnails are now displayed for the recordings in EyeTV 2.
  • NEW: Translucent on screen displays for various information as they are changing (including system volume and the song currently played by iTunes).
  • NEW: Remote Buddy adds a useful feature to your media center software of choice. Front Row Quick Exit and Media Central Quick Exit features allow you to exit your mediacenter software in a clean way without having to walk up all the menu levels yourself.
  • NEW: Now auto detects and handles many software titles in a friendly way that locked out Remote Buddy from using the Remote Control.
  • NEW: New, modernized look, smoother scrolling and animation in menus.
  • Enhancement: New controls allow the direct control over the rating of songs in iTunes, the volume of DVD Player, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, EyeTV 2, VLC and iTunes. The system volume can be controlled in many more behaviours in the same way.
  • Enhancement: The iTunes behaviour now offers actions that allow you to rate your songs - and provides you with optical feedback through the new on screen display.
  • Enhancement: EyeTV 2 behaviour now allows control over the aspect ratio in use.
  • Enhancement: The Remote Buddy menu now automatically fades out if you select Remote Buddy's item in the titlebar.
  • Enhancement: Generally improved and more natural Front Row integration.
  • Enhancement: New Audio & Video (Multimedia) category for shorter navigation paths in media center like scenarios.
  • Enhancement: Optimization of core routines makes the entire application faster and more memory efficient. Massive speedup on start up.
  • Enhancement: Wrong keyboard settings in Quinn are now automatically corrected.
  • Enhancement: The Behaviour Construction Kit supports three new events: menu shown, menu hidden, menu item leaves focus.
  • Fix: DVD Player Behaviour does now also supports up and down keys in menus. So not really a bug, but it turned out, left and right keys are not sufficient for some DVDs. Please reset your DVD Player behaviour mappings to the default mapping to make this work in case it does not for you right out of the box.
  • Fix: Plugged a memory leak that could turn up under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Next / Previous page in Preview behaviour is now working correctly no matter which magnification level is currently chosen.
  • Fix: No longer interferes with Quicksilver's "Command + Esc" shortcut.
  • Note: With preview 6, the 30 day trial time starts anew.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 4 (14.07.2006):

  • NEW: The new Behaviour Construction Kit makes it a breeze to create new behaviours. Create your own behaviours using your own blend of AppleScript, keystrokes, mouse wheel events and more. Complete with syntax highlighting and tools that help you debug and test your creations quickly and without hassle. Except for the AppleScript part, the Behaviour Construction Kit can be used without any programming skills.
  • NEW: Global mapping for remote controls allows hard-wiring buttons to frequently used functionality.
  • NEW: Optional emulation of two additional button states: plus (held) and minus (held).
  • NEW: Behaviour for Adobe® Acrobat Pro added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for CoverFlow added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Quinn added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for GarageBand added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for MPlayer OSX added.
  • NEW: Behaviour for Exposé added (find it in "System").
  • NEW: Fast user switching is now detected and handled correctly by Remote Buddy.
  • Enhancement: Behaviours can now be activated/deactivated selectively.
  • Enhancement: Remote Buddy can now also reboot your machine.
  • Enhancement: Whenever you can go up a level in the menu, an appropriate arrow is now displayed for the selection.
  • Enhancement: Unmapped hold button codes are now automagically remapped to their normal button code counterparts.
  • Enhancement: The mapping help screen is now changed on the fly if you make any changes there.
  • Enhancement: Improved agility in the Apple Remote driver. If you had the impression, Remote Buddy did miss a button press once in a while: this issue is no more.
  • Enhancement: The iTunes and EyeTV behaviour are now customizable via dedicated option panes inside the mappings pane.
  • Enhancement: The EyeTV behaviour now also offers the ability to start/stop recording
  • Enhancement: Screen saver deactivation can now be turned on/off.
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability and speed of behaviour bundle installation.
  • Enhancement: The Front Row behaviour does now dismiss Dashboard upon its selection.
  • Fix: Now handles screen resolution changes correctly.
  • Fix: A rare Front Row related problem when selecting Music was fixed.
  • Fix: Hidden docks located on the left side of the screen can now be reached, too.
  • Fix: Problem fixed where Keynote and EyeTV would sometimes be relaunched by Remote Buddy if they were quit manually.
  • Fix: Improved reliability of the EyeTV and keyboard sequences behaviour menus.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 5 (14.07.2006):

  • Small, quick follow-up update to Preview 4
  • Fix: Fixed problem with Front Row

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 3 (20.06.2006):

  • New: Added support for the Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row (ER-RF1).

Changes in version 1.0 Preview 2 (16.06.2006):

  • New: Introduction of the deluxe version of Behaviours, so called Managed Behaviours. Still zero configuration, but you can now change the mapping or choose alternative functionality, if you want to. Needs only one click per change, of course! Check out the preferences.
  • New: Virtual mouse does now emulate a two-dimensional mouse wheel (just like Apple's Mighty Mouse).
  • New: Filesystem browser with integrated launcher.
  • New: Fade in and fade out effects using Core Image (turned off by default, though)
  • New: Now screen saver friendly. Remote Buddy deactivates screen savers when they run and prevents them from running for as long as you are pressing any buttons on your remote control.
  • New: Behaviour for Acrobat Reader.
  • New: Behaviour for Preview.
  • Enhancement: The visualizer can now be toggled on/off in the behaviour for iTunes.
  • Enhancement: Photo Booth behaviour now offers more options.
  • Enhancement: The Front Row behaviour now offers help and a way to display the Remote Buddy menu while in Front Row.
  • Enhancement: The license code interface is now easier to understand and provides you with visual feedback for missing information.
  • Enhancement: Improved appearance of preferences window and some internal cleanup.
  • Enhancement: Rewrote EyeTV 2 behaviour in most parts, added support for zapping through channels in EyeTV 2 and solved a number of issues.
  • Enhancement: Improved navigation in the menus. You can now quickly jump to the root level of the menu and the first and last entries in a menu.
  • Fix: Improved reliability of Front Row Behaviour.
  • Fix: EyeTV 2 channel selection now works also with customized channel lists.
  • Fix: EyeTV 2 full screen toggling now works.
  • Fix: Hidden docks can now be reached via the virtual mouse as well.
  • Fix: Situations where Remote Buddy would register itself as a start item multiple times are now handled correctly.

Changes in version 1.0 Preview (06.06.2006):

  • First release.