XBMC will be rebranded as Kodi with the next major release - and the first beta has just become available.

Because of the name change, Remote Buddy 1.25 (released before Kodi beta1) doesn't currently recognize Kodi. A few changes were needed to add Kodi support to the XBMC Behaviour.

Please use Remote Buddy's Online Updater ("Check for udpates..") to download and install the updated XBMC Behaviour with Kodi support. You'll need to relaunch Remote Buddy for the update to take effect. The Behaviour will only show up in the Online Updater if you already have Kodi installed.

XBMC and Kodi

Remote Buddy uses a single Behaviour to support both XBMC and Kodi. This has the benefit that your existing XBMC Behaviour settings will automatically target Kodi when you install it.

Remote Buddy will look for Kodi and XBMC during launch and exclusively target the latest version it found at the time. If you have both Kodi and XBMC installed, Remote Buddy will only show and control Kodi. To go back to XBMC in such a scenario, you'd need to remove all copies of Kodi.app and relaunch Remote Buddy.

Remote Buddy Express

Since Apple prohibits built-in updaters in the Mac App Store, Remote Buddy Express users interested in the new Behaviour will need to download and install the Behaviour manually:

  1. Download XBMC.rbbehaviour.zip
  2. Extract XBMC.rbbehaviour by double clicking the downloaded XBMC.rbbehaviour.zip
  3. Install XBMC.rbbehaviour by double clicking it
  4. Follow the instructions provided by Remote Buddy Express


Please join the discussion in the forums or send me an email with any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding Kodi support.

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