It's this time of the year again - and for a full week - from November 25th, 2022 until December 2nd, 2022 - we are lowering our prices:

Vidimote for Safari

1.99$  4.99$   60% OFF

Advanced playback and speed controls for web videos in Safari. For macOS, iOS and iPadOS.


Remote Buddy 2

19.99$  24.99$   20% OFF

Control apps, web videos and more on your Mac – with your iPhone, your Siri Remote and many other remote controls.


Spacious 2

7.99$  9.99$   20% OFF

Smart macOS Spaces navigation - right from your mouse.


All prices on this page are in USD ($) and shown as applicable for the United States of America. Prices, currencies, effective savings, included and applicable taxes can be different in other countries.
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