Vidimote - the Safari extension for advanced playback and speed controls for web videos - has just been updated to version 1.7. Here's what's new:

Inline permission assistance

In the past, if Safari's permission system rejected putting a video into PiP or fullscreen mode, Vidimote displayed a message with multi-step instructions on how to solve the issue with a few taps.

Vidimote 1.7 now brings this down to a single tap - in a popup that it shows right within the web video's page:

The wording "this version of your browser" used in that popup is not an accident, by the way. Other than the latest release versions of Safari at the time of writing, Safari Technology Preview 165 already appears to consider a tap or click inside Vidimote's popup as user activation - and no longer rejects PiP and fullscreen mode actions on website's that Safari previously did.

Fingers crossed these changes make it in the next release version of Safari as well!

macOS Ventura bug workaround

With macOS Ventura, Apple also introduced a very specific bug. That bug can break mouse tracking on non-Retina displays, which - in Vidimote's case - cuts off access to part of the extended picture-in-picture controls that partially rely on detecting if a mouse pointer is hovering over certain regions of its user interface.

Fortunately, a workaround could be found, restoring access to all of the extended picture-in-picture controls - regardless of which type of display the picture-in-picture window is on.

Available now - and at a lower price

At launch, Vidimote already provided fantastic value at 4.99 US$ / 4.99 €.
At its new price of just 2.99 US$ / 2.99 €, it's a steal!

Even more so since that price is for a Universal Purchase that includes both the iOS/iPadOS and macOS versions.

Get Vidimote 1.7 now on the App Store for iOS/iPadOS and macOS.

The update is free for existing users.

Press Kit

A press kit with images and screenshots is available. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

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