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Remote Buddy Mobile 2

Turns your iPhone and iPad into a powerful remote control for your Mac.

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Smart Remote

The Smart Remote blends actions, shortcut bar, remote control and trackpad elements into a unified view that's optimized for the app you control.

for Plex Media Player
for Safari
for PowerPoint

Trackpad with Mousespot

Move, scroll, click and drag. Swipe with three fingers to invoke up to four different, configurable actions (by default: switching spaces and invoke Mission Control).

Use Mousespot to shine a light on what matters in your presentations - or quickly locate the mouse cursor on the big screen.

Keyboard and dictation

Use the iOS keyboard – extended with cursor keys and modifiers (Control, Alt, Command and Shift) – to type text and shortcuts into apps on your Mac.

The dictation feature of the iOS keyboard is also supported.

Screen Sharing 2nd Generation

Use the Screen Sharing tab to mirror the screens of your Mac onto your device and control its apps with trackpad and keyboard.

Our unique screen sharing technology delivers up to 60 fps with high image quality, transports your input with low latency and connects quickly.

App Control

Switch and launch apps from the app list. And when you want to quit an app, just swipe right on its entry.

Apps you favorite in the list are pinned at its top for quick access.

Shortcut Bar + Actions

The new Shortcut Bar packs up to 25 actions for quick access in Remote, Smart Remote and Trackpad mode.

And if that's not enough, tap the dots icon for access to all actions for the controlled app.

Themes & Dark Mode

Pick from light and dark themes in the settings - or let the themes change automatically as your device enters and leaves iOS Dark Mode.

Send Password NEW

Pick a password from the iOS Password Manager and send the username and password to your Mac as virtual key presses. Requires iOS 14 or later.

Audio Control

Change your Mac's default audio output, mute or change its volume - or select an AirPlay speaker as target for system audio.

Secure Connection

Strong, certificate-based TLS encryption secures the connection between Remote Buddy Mobile on your iOS device and Remote Buddy on your Mac.

Sleep + Wake

Put your Mac to sleep to save energy. And when you need it again, use Remote Buddy Mobile's Wake-On-LAN (WOL) support to wake it up from your device.

Remote Buddy Mobile 2

Requires iOS 12 or later. Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.