Upgrading from Remote Buddy Express

You can upgrade from Remote Buddy Express to Remote Buddy 2.0 for free or at a discount (depending on your purchase date) by following these steps:

Download & install Remote Buddy Express

Open the App Store app on your Mac.

Go to your list of purchases (in macOS Catalina, by clicking on your account in the lower right) and install your purchased copy of Remote Buddy Express from there.

Download & install Remote Buddy 2.0

Download the latest version of Remote Buddy 2.0 from the download page and install it by copying it to your Applications folder. Launch Remote Buddy 2.0 by double clicking its app icon.

Navigate to the upgrade options

The next steps depend on your previous interactions with Remote Buddy 2.0:

  1. if you haven't started a trial yet: Remote Buddy 2.0 will prompt you at launch and give you three choices to pick from. Select Upgrade.

  2. if you have already started a trial: open the About window of Remote Buddy 2.0. There, click on Purchase.

Get access to the Upgrades & Deals page

Select Upgrade from Remote Buddy Express to access the Upgrades & Deals page for your Remote Buddy Express Mac App Store receipt.

Upgrade using the Upgrades & Deals page

If everything went well, the Upgrades & Deals page belonging to your copy of Remote Buddy Express should now have been opened in your default browser.

Once you have obtained your new license code from there, enter it into Remote Buddy.