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Flirc USB

Flirc is an USB IR transceiver like no other: it packs an ARM processor and IR hardware into a beautiful laser-engraved stainless steel enclosure the size of a miniature USB thumb drive.

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If you have a valid license for the latest version of Remote Buddy 2, you might be able to get a steep discount when purchasing a Flirc USB.

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Integrated with Remote Buddy 2 at the firmware level

Flirc and IOSPIRIT have teamed up to deliver an integrated software and hardware experience - with new features that weren't possible before:

Apple Remote wake-up support

When using an Apple Remote with Flirc USB and Remote Buddy 2, you can put your Mac to sleep - and then wake it up again through any, a single or multiple Apple Remote - depending on settings. Which is not just matching, but surpassing the capabilities of Apple's IR Receiver in this area.

IR transmitter support

Flirc USB contains an IR transmitter that Remote Buddy 2 can use to send commands to other devices, such as TVs. At the time of writing, the IR transmitter of Flirc USB has a relatively short range of only a few centimeters. If the sensor of the device you want to control is not that close, a USB extension cable could be used to bring it into range.

Compatible remotes

The following IR remotes are supported by Remote Buddy 2 and compatible with Flirc USB:

Apple Remote (Aluminium)
Apple Remote (white)
Keyspan REM17B IR Remote
Logitech Harmony 300/350
Logitech Harmony 525
Logitech Harmony 650/665
Logitech Harmony 880
Logitech Harmony 950
Logitech Harmony One
Microsoft MCE Remote 1039
Philips SRM 5100
Trust RC-2400
Roku IR Remote (RC-16F)

Remotes with Wakeup badge can be used with Flirc USB to wake the Mac from sleep.

Apps supporting Flirc USB

macOS 10.13 and later
Remote Buddy 2.0

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ModelFlirc USB (Gen 2)
Technology Infrared
Device Type Receiver
List Price $ 22.95 (us)
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